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11 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

What’s next in Summer Bay?

Spoilers for UK viewers of Home and Away are below.

While Cash demands answers at the prison, nasty villain Tex makes a return on Home and Away the next week.

Meanwhile, Mali receives an intriguing employment offer from Dean, and there are yet more fallout from the recent murder drama.

Below is a comprehensive list of the upcoming 11 major events.

  1. Cash visits Tex in prison

Cash is in need of clarification on the destruction of Felicity’s wedding automobile. Cash decides to take matters into his own hands and stops the task force investigating the biker gang case in order to visit Tex in jail.

At first, Tex is unwilling to divulge any information, at least not without first reaching a formal agreement with the authorities. Yet as soon as Eden’s name is mentioned, he divulges far too much.

  1. Cash makes a risky new decision

The fact that Tex made fun of Eden’s injuries from the collision shows that he was behind the bugging of the Parata home to acquire intelligence.

Cash continues to handle things his way by communicating with the bikies despite the fact that he ought to be giving the task force this information. He asks them to specify a time and location so they may end their argument for good.

  1. Felicity struggles after the crash

Felicity, who was unaware of the bikies’ covert sabotage, assumes responsibility for the most recent road accident. Eden believes that the incident occurred because she rushed because she had cold feet on the day of her wedding.

Tane learns that the bikies targeted Cash for a hit. Tane orders Cash to leave the Parata home out of concern that this could endanger his own family. Felicity is still confused about what is happening and wonders why her brother was evicted.

Felicity begins drinking heavily as the effects of previous events begin to wear on her.

  1. Felicity discovers the truth

Leah is still healing from the crash, so Felicity brings her flowers. As Justin and Leah remark that someone had severed the car’s brake lines, the crash was a deliberate attack, she is shocked.

The news sends Felicity into a tailspin as she wonders who would want to harm her and Eden, as well as why her loved ones have been hiding the truth.

  1. Bree starts to drift away from Remi

After Jacob’s passing, Bree is determined to keep Remi at a distance. She confides in Rose that she feels bad about killing Jacob even if the situation she was in was terrible.

Bree adds that she’s having trouble figuring out how to tell Remi that she had an affair with Jacob while they were hiding from the police. Rose notes that this was obviously not consenting, but Bree is concerned that Remi won’t agree.

Reflecting on her friendship with Remi, Bree begins to worry if their bond was only sparked by the Jacob scenario. Bree is sceptical despite Remi’s assurances that their love is sincere.

  1. Mac receives a major apology

When newcomer Gabriel claims that he only called off their engagement a few years ago as a result of her father Rick bribing him with $50,000, Mac is irritated. By sending Mac a check for the same amount, Gabe tries to demonstrate how much he regrets doing this.

Gabe is cautioned by Mac that he cannot buy her pardon. But when Dean stands up for Gabe and says that he merits another chance, Mac decides to give him the chance to win her over and perhaps reignite their romance.

  1. Ziggy and Dean have a false alarm

When Ziggy begins to have contractions, she gets ready to go to the hospital with Dean. The pair feels unprepared, though, as they were expelled from their childbirth class and haven’t done much studying.

She was having Braxton-Hicks contractions, so it was a false alarm, Ziggy and Dean are informed when they get to the hospital. They choose to take advantage of their second chance by preparing for the birth in a timely manner.

  1. Mali has a decision to make

Dean gives Mali a position at the board business since he needs someone to watch over it so he can concentrate on Ziggy and the infant. Mali believes that although the function only requires a few hours of effort, it will expand after Dean learns the realities of having a newborn child.

Mali is divided over the choice because he is relied upon by a large family in Mantaray Point, up the coast. He quickly decides, though, that he’s ready for a change and accepts the position.

  1. Justin annoys Leah

After Leah is released from the hospital, Justin’s efforts to help her turn into an intrusive behaviour. He puts Leah first and neglects his duties to Lyrik and the garage.

When Justin’s actions get out of hand, Leah finally snaps at him. But, Roo intervenes and makes an effort to persuade Leah that Justin’s worry is genuine.

  1. Kirby worries about Theo’s superfan

Theo receives another surprise from the devoted supporter who has been in touch with him in the form of a painted garage portrait. Theo is moved by this person’s efforts, but Kirby expresses worry that the fan is aware of Theo’s employment location.

Theo rejects Kirby’s concerns, but she could have a point regarding the fan’s obsessive devotion because we soon witness this unidentified person compiling images and sketches of him.

  1. Stacey betrays Xander

Recently, Stacey and Xander agreed that they could date exclusively. However, after a client flirts with her at work, Stacey is tempted to change her mind. Soon after, Stacey postpones a date with Xander.
Rose goes to reprimand a couple for hooking up in a car later on while on night patrol. She is startled to discover that Stacey is riding with a total stranger.


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