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Changing Nameservers Affect Rankings Seo

Changes to your Nameservers Impact your SEO or Rankings?

Changing Nameservers Affect Rankings Seo
Changing Nameservers Affect Rankings Seo

Before tackling the issue of whether changing nameservers impact the search engine ranking It is beneficial to understand the meaning behind to switch nameservers. Nameservers that are public are the ones that identify a specific Web hosting service to other computers which is trying to connect to the information on the server. Nameservers will only be modified in the event that the website was transferred to another hosting service. They could be initially moved in the event that your domain’s name was owned by one hosting service, however the site will be hosted by another. Anytime the nameservers change refers to the transfer of a site to a different host. – Changing Nameservers Affect Rankings Seo

The reasons to change Nameservers

As previously mentioned, nameservers may be altered just because the domain was bought from one particular company, however the website will be hosted by a different firm. In other situations the owner of the website could be deciding to change to a different host because of cost or speed, downtime or any other reason. – Changing Nameservers Affect Rankings Seo

While it won’t be visible to the public however, a change to nameservers could result in a change on the server hosting the site. The URL used by visitors to access the site could remain the same, however, the site may be located on an entirely different server. The new server for web hosting might differ from the old server. – Changing Nameservers Affect Rankings Seo

Changes in Nameservers will Usually Not Change your rankings

The straightforward process that of switching nameservers won’t alter the ranking of search engines or SEO elements. The process of changing nameservers is relatively quick. It will take a short amount of time needed for the process. It is usually done in a matter of 15 minutes. Therefore, there is no reason to alter the search engine ranking. – Changing Nameservers Affect Rankings Seo

Some exceptions to This

Yes, the previous section mentioned that changing nameservers won’t impact search engine rankings, and it’s true. The actual process of changing nameservers is not going to result in any changes to ranking However, there could be other aspects of the new server that could result in changes to the search engine’s ranking. The changes in rankings are not due to the nameserver changes, they are due to issues caused by the new server. – Changing Nameservers Affect Rankings Seo

1. Poor Bandwidth

Some hosting providers may not allow web pages they host utilize unlimited bandwidth. Some even set bandwidth limits to be very low. They may block access to websites which have exceeded its bandwidth limits for the entire day. If the host blocks access to the website and a search engine cannot access the website. This can result in lower rankings when an engine is trying to access the website but is unable to access it. – Changing Nameservers Affect Rankings Seo

2. Bad Neighbors

Be aware when you switch to a new hosting service. What other kinds of websites can they accommodate? If they host sites that use spamming tactics or websites that publish indecent content, search engines might punish any page that comes from the same hosting company. – Changing Nameservers Affect Rankings Seo

3. Overseas Location

This is especially the case this is the case with Google. The place of the website host will determine which variation of Google search engine can give the greatest results. Additionally, Google uses some factors to show users exactly what they require to be able to see. People who live located in the United States will likely be searching for companies in that region of the United States. If the site for the US company is located on a server in an unrelated location, Google may show that website further down the page since it believes it’s not an US business. – Changing Nameservers Affect Rankings Seo

4. Poor Speed

It is possible that the speed of the website hosting server can impact search engine ranking in a variety of ways. If a bot from a search engine attempts to access a slow site, it might orally give up before the site loads and make the page penalized as inaccessible or could simply make the site penalized for taking too long load. – Changing Nameservers Affect Rankings Seo

Users who attempt to navigate through a slow website tend to abandon the site in a short time. This increases the bounce rate for the site, which can make the site go further towards the bottom of Google ranking. – Changing Nameservers Affect Rankings Seo

5. Overly long periods of downtime

Certain web hosting providers offer greater reliability than other. Certain servers could be prone to greater frequency of time-of-downtime. When a server goes down, there is a chance that a bot on a search engine may attempt to connect to it during those times. If a bot fails to access a site , it is penalized as being unaccessible. – Changing Nameservers Affect Rankings Seo

6. Changes to the Site Structure

A website’s rank is determined by its address and the domain’s name. Some hosting servers for web hosting may require slight modifications to the domain name. Whatever the slightest, any changes to the domain name could affect the way a site is classified on search engines. – Changing Nameservers Affect Rankings Seo

7. Database Errors

A few web hosts might not experience any issues on their normal pages, however they might have issues with access to databases. Database connections that fail to connect will cause error messages to appear on the page, instead of the normal content. For the advent of search engines content is the most important thing. If search engine bots attempt to access the website they’ll come across pages with errors in the database instead of content closely related to the keywords used on the site.

8. Hackers

Hackers exist. Without proper website security hackers could hack into websites and do various things under the name of the domain that is being targeted. If search engines find out that the domain’s names are being utilized for illegal reasons, it could be difficult to convince search engines to eliminate any sanctions that might be imposed as a result of the hacking websites.

9. Duplicate Content

Certain web hosting servers automatically create subdomains under the domain name of the initial website. This can result in duplicate content appearing in both the normal domain name as well as the subdomain name. Search engines are not happy with duplicative content. There are methods to inform Google what content is to be considered to be genuine.

10. Other Errors

Although there are paid-for services that offer statistics for websites, some hosting providers offer the services no cost. Although these services don’t directly impact the search engine’s ranking but they can be studied to find out best practices for getting better in search results. When you adhere to these guidelines, your website may be more prominent than it would be without the aid of statistics of the web.

Final Thoughts

Simply changing names servers will not result in any changes in the search engine results; however there are numerous elements about the Web hosting server that could make websites rank higher in one area than they would be on the other. Make sure you research to determine the most reliable web hosting server to give you the highest results in search engines.


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