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Coronation Street spoilers: Murder truth exposed, Maria death terror, terrifying fire

When Maria Connor (Samia Longchambon) receives more death threats the following week, she worries that she might be the next victim on the cobbles because murder and Coronation Street go together like fish and chips.

And that’s not the only killer thread either—Stu Carpenter (Bill Fellows), who was found guilty of Charlie’s murder, never imagined he’d learn the real killer’s identity.

Can he find solace now that the real offender has been identified, though?

The specter of murderer Harvey (Will Mellor) looms large in the meantime, and things are deadly elsewhere as well.

Pretty dangerous place to be, is Weatherfield!

Monday October 10

Aaron’s father is texting him constantly, and Summer begs him not to go home. Billy and Todd offer to check on Aaron and let her know that he was angry and drunk.

Aaron is shocked to learn that his father is currently in the hospital after a house fire when the police arrive at the apartment.

Aaron is relieved when his father awakens at the hospital, but he is devastated when Eric expresses regret over surviving. Aaron holds himself accountable for not responding to his messages and leaving him unattended.

Wendy presents Ken with tickets to a book launch at the bistro in the cafe for his birthday. Mary’s playwriting ideas are being discussed by Ken and Mary when Ken receives a text from Wendy He informs Mary that he must go. Mary claims to Brian and Tracy in the Rovers that Ken betrayed her in front of her and dumped her after receiving a text from Wendy.

Tracy is enraged when she realizes what is happening after noticing Brian’s shadiness. Daniel and Daisy told Ken they were happy to see him and Wendy together at the book launch, but when Tracy showed up, she made her feelings very clear! What will Ken do?

Max interviews his new Iraqi friend as part of a school project on displacement. When Mrs. Crawshaw tells David and Shona that Max cannot attend Weatherfield High because there are no openings, they are disappointed. When Max learns that Daryan is starting at Weatherfield High, he is devastated and accuses him of stealing his spot.

Ed agrees that it would be useful to know Dee-plans Dee’s when Michael asks how long she intends to stay at No. 3. Dee-Dee leaves because she feels unwelcome, making Aggie resentful of Ed.

Tim listens to Aggie’s conversation and offers some wise counsel. Dee-Dee tells her parents that she has been lonely in LA and that she has no plans to return. Dee-Dee notifies her LA boss that she is quitting her job. Aggie sends Tim a text message to express her gratitude for their conversation as she and Michael argue amicably.

In the Rovers, Bridget encounters Yasmeen. Yasmeen speculates that although she and Eliza want to keep seeing Stu, Lucy is the one who is opposed to it. Bridget and Eliza will visit tomorrow, Yasmeen informs Alya and Stu, but will not tell Lucy. Stu is overjoyed.

Wednesday October 12

While Bridget and Eliza are having brunch with Yasmeen and Stu, Bridget becomes upset when Eliza asks Stu about life in prison. Bridget then leaves for the garden. Stu follows her to console her and expresses his anger at being imprisoned for something he didn’t commit, but he is taken aback by what she reveals. The DNA results are due tomorrow, according to a voicemail Dee-Dee leaves for Alya.

The negative comments made under an online article about Maria’s rehoming of refugees have upset Maria. Maria displays a troll comment that reveals her workplace to David and Shona.

When Max declines David’s request to use his laptop, David becomes suspicious.

David confides to Shona that he thinks Max is responsible for it because he wants to get even with Daryan after Maria points out that her home address has not been disclosed. As David vows to confront him, Shona is alarmed. Max disputes having any involvement.

Aaron refuses Summer’s request to share his burden and instead tells her that he needs to concentrate on his father. The summer is over. Billy is entertaining Mike and Esther in the apartment during the summer. Billy offers Summer his assistance and explains that they are organizing a clothing swap for charity.

When Sally plans a night out at the bistro tomorrow as another way to thank him for the ideal anniversary present, Tim feels like a fraud. Aggie reveals to Tim that she gave Ed a check for the necklace Tim purchased. She was a veteran. Tim consents to not refute her account.

When Tracy apologizes for creating a scene on his birthday and offers to make Wendy lunch to welcome her into the family, Ken is astounded. Wendy arrives at No. 1, appreciative of Tracy’s gesture of goodwill. When Tracy serves up her dish—stuffed marrow, a specialty of Deirdre—Ken is outraged.

Friday October 14

Stu is happier now that he knows the truth, but Yasmeen is obviously struggling. Alya is shocked to learn the results when Dee-Dee calls into Speed Daal to inform her.

Tim eagerly participates when he finds Sally performing a disco aerobics workout when he gets home. After finishing their workout, Sally and Tim laugh before sharing a passionate kiss. After having sex for the first time in months, Sally and Tim are thrilled. Tim and Sally go to the Bistro, where Ed invites them to share a table.

Aggie feels awkward as Sally looks at her necklace and realizes Tim gave it to her. He sends Aggie a text after noticing that she is perplexed by his and Sally’s flirtatious behavior, but is horrified to comprehend that he sent it to Sally! What will she do?

Leanne is shocked when Nick reveals to her that they both received requests from Harvey Gaskell for prison visits in the mail. They consent to stay silent, and Nick rips them apart. Leanne shows signs of hesitation and confesses to Nick that she is a bundle of nerves and won’t be able to sleep until she knows what Harvey wants.

At number 8, Max completely forgets that David was being questioned by the police. Shona is informed by David that they will watch what the police find on Max’s laptop. David and Max argue because David doesn’t believe in him. When the police call to say they are coming over to talk to them, David answers.

Bernie makes the announcement that in order to help the family out financially, she will be working an additional shift as a cleaner for an upscale agency. At No. 5, Fern warns a disgruntled Bernie that the cleaning company is shady and advises her to stay far away.

Fern quickly steals a bank statement from a drawer and a top from Bernie’s pile of ironing before hurriedly sending Bernie to get takeout. Bernie returns to No. 5 and discovers Fern is not there. Fern’s existence hasn’t convinced Gemma, who also believes Bernie is too old to have an imaginary friend.


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