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EastEnders reveals shocking discovery after Avery Baker death

His family is in disbelief.

Spoilers for EastEnders follow.

After Avery Baker’s passing, EastEnders made a startling discovery.

After it was reported that he had been battling terminal cancer, Mitch Baker’s brother, who was also the father of newest arrivals Felix and Finlay Baker, recently passed away in heartbreaking circumstances.

Just before he passed away, Avery showed up in the Square flashing cash, leading brother Mitch and the rest of the Baker-Taylor family to believe he still owned a sizable fortune.

In Tuesday’s episode, the family was still having a hard time accepting Avery’s passing because they had so little time to realise he even had a terminal illness.

Karen urged Mitch to help Felix and Finlay during this difficult time following the death of their father.

To arrange the details of Avery’s funeral, Uncle Mitch took his nephews to Walford East, where they determined just how pricey it would be.

Mitch reassured his nephews that Avery’s riches will help to lessen the financial load during this trying time.

But this couldn’t be further from the truth! Later, when Mitch arrived at the Vic, Karen revealed a note from Avery that she had discovered.

Avery admitted in the letter that he had indeed lost his entire money and had passed away penniless. Having to inform his nephews that they had nothing coming to them made Mitch feel terrible.

He was poor, Mitch said to Karen.

Even worse, Mitch scowled when he learned that Felix had made arrangements for the Lion King musical’s ensemble to perform at the burial. Will Mitch be able to be honest with his nephews regarding Avery’s financial situation?


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