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EastEnders spoilers: Phil almost kisses Sharon on wedding day to Kat

After nearly kissing Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) on the day of his wedding to Kat Slater, Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) of EastEnders is unsure of what he wants (Jessie Wallace).

The resident hard-man of the show was all set to marry Kat, but things didn’t exactly go as planned. Considering that we’re in Walford, hiccups and obstacles were to be expected.

Alfie Moon (Shane Richie), also known as the love of Kat’s life, showed up on the big day in an effort to win back her love before she married Phil. He is, of course, the obstacle we’re referring to.

However, Kat was adamant about carrying out the ceremony, and as a result, things fell into place and the two ex-lovers wound up on a boat in the canal.

Alfie was eager to take advantage of the chance to convince Kat to cancel the wedding, but she insisted on making it to the church on time this time, which was challenging when the boat wouldn’t start.


While waiting for his blushing bride to arrive, Phil was less than pleased to learn that she was stuck on a canal with her ex. However, Sharon was overjoyed when she saw a chance to win Phil back.

Phil commanded everyone to leave the church and then sat back by himself to think about his next move.

Soon after Sharon came over and told him that he was marrying the wrong woman, things started to escalate and Phil leaned in for a kiss as they reminisced about their past relationships that spanned three decades.

However, the vicar interjected, causing Sharon to leave and leaving Phil to ruminate in his head. Meanwhile, Kat arrived at the church and profusely apologized for the delay.

When Kat and Phil arrived at The Vic, they revealed that they had decided to give things another try and had set a new date for the wedding, leaving viewers and the locals on pins and needles about what was happening at the church.

Alfie and Sharon watched in agony.

Has Phil made up his mind yet? Kat has? Or will they find it impossible to resist temptation if their true soulmates are still around?


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