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EastEnders spoilers: S*x drama for Suki and Eve as passion erupts

Ah, at last! (Image: BBC)

In the upcoming episodes of EastEnders, Suki (Balvinder Sopal) and Eve (Heather Peace) will share some intimate moments, and there have been minor sparks between the two for a while—at least, as far as Eve is concerned.

Eve and Suki just became friends after Eve confided in Suki about her dominating ex-husband, Mr. Panesar, who is due to be freed from jail after serving time for murder.

Eve kissed Suki after connecting with her, but as Suki has never been able to be herself, she retaliated by hitting Eve and telling her that she had received the short end of the stick.

Although McClunky’s might not seem like the ideal place to begin a new romance, Suki and Eve end up there after Eve offers to comfort Suki when she is unhappy.

During their conversation, the two women learn that they have similar musical preferences. Suki starts to sense a connection between them as they unwind. When they arrive to her house after accepting Eve’s invitation, she gives her a passionate kiss.

The next day, it appears that Suki’s guarded behaviour has returned in full force, and Eve is devastated to learn that Suki would never reveal their relationship to the world.

Are they still going to have a future?


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