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Former Home and Away star Tammin Sursok makes a shock confession about ‘hating her body’ growing up: ‘I can’t get that time back’

On Thursday, Tammin Sursok made a horrifying admission when she said she had grown up “loathing” her body and allowing other people determine her worth.

The 39-year-old ex-Home and Away actor admitted that as a young girl, she “desired to be wanted, to be lusted over” and battled an eating disorder.

In honour of International Women’s Day, the actress wrote a series of poignant anecdotes on her Instagram about the terrible consequences of being objectified by males.

She began by telling a tale about a young boy she had a crush on who, at the age of 15, advised her to lose weight.

She stated she was ‘paralysed in terror and passion’ when he approached her, saying: ‘My heart stopped. I had daydreamed about this moment for years.

But when the boy bluntly stated, “You need to go to Jenny Craig [weight loss programme],” her hope was abruptly dashed.

Then, Sursok related how she had once forced herself to vomit after eating in order to reduce her weight to 45 kg.

I had been forcing my chapped, rough knuckles down my throat for the previous forty minutes. I was familiar with this routine. I had gotten rather good at lying,” she said.

My eyes appeared to be bleeding as I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I gave my mirror a flimsy smile. I believed that if I reached 100 pounds (45 kg), people would adore me.


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