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Home and Away fans in a spin as Sam Frost drops major hint

I’m not even being dramatic, but I estimate that roughly 85% of the questions were related to the television show Home and Away.

Sam Frost, a former cast member of Home and Away, has tenderly imagined that her character Jasmine would someday return to Summer Bay to “create some drama.”

After giving birth to her first child with fiancé Jordie Hansen, fans have been asking Frost to return to the Channel 7 programme.

Months before revealing her engagement and pregnancy, the actress abruptly ended her role in the series in June.

Frost had a Q&A on her Instagram to address the current fan theories.

I believe that approximately 85% of the inquiries were about Home and Away, and I’m not even being hyperbolic when I say this, she said.

“Many people are asking me if I’m returning, saying they miss me, and saying great things about Home and Away, which was really sweet.”

Look, never say never, to answer your question.

According to the actress, her present priorities are “becoming a mum, having a healthy child,” and she currently has no plans to return to the popular show.

“Spread some drama”
But who knows what the future holds,” she pondered.

“Perhaps Jazzy will make a comeback one day and stir up some trouble, sprint the beach a few times, and do all the fun stuff.

“I do miss the crew a lot. The staff was amazing, and it was a lot of joy working there since I laughed a lot.

So, yes, maybe one day, I guess.

In Home and Away fan Facebook pages, fans responded quickly. One fan wrote, “Hope so.”

One remarked about the on-screen romance between her character and Cash, “If it’s true, she should come back with a baby and she and Cash live happily ever after.”

“I hope she returns. One person remarked, “Loved Jasmine,” while another stated, “Missed Sam.”

From 2017 through 2022, Frost played Jasmine Delaney, and she soon won over the audience.

The actress briefly returned to Channel 7 in November, even though she is no longer active on television, to appear on The Morning Show.

The 33-year-old claimed that she “never in a million years” imagined meeting “the love of her life,” getting engaged, having a baby, and moving to Noosa, Queensland, all within the space of a year.

She remarked, “I’m in a good stage right now, I’m cruising along, so it’s really lovely.

The actress further joked that her child would probably have “a grandfather name.”


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