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Home and Away Justin star pays tribute to on-screen daughter as dark twist revealed

As it became clear in Home and Away, there was a grim twist. Theo’s stalker Ava is played by James Stewart, who praised his on-screen daughter for her outstanding job on the plot.

After his on-screen daughter made her debut in a soap opera, Home and Away actor James Stewart paid tribute to her.

Since 2016, the 47-year-old actor has portrayed Justin Morgan, who was shocked last week when his daughter, Ava Gilbert, came back to Summer Bay.

Ava hadn’t been spotted in the Bay since 2020, and when she did, actress Annabel Wolfe, 21, who had been filling Alice Roberts’ shoes, was playing the part.

After an argument with her mother, the girl made her way to the Bay, where it became clear that she is a major fan of Lyrik, and Theo in particular.

Ava’s innocent crush on her boyfriend, Theo, delighted Kirby during Monday’s episode (April 3), but it soon became apparent that Ava’s interest in Theo wasn’t that innocent after all.

Ava, who was identified as the I3Theo stalker, secretly put a picture of herself and Theo into a scrapbook that later turned out to be full of pictures of him.

James sent an homage to Annabel on Instagram in light of the intense scenes she appeared in for her acting debut.

He added, “So excited to have @annabelwolfe playing my daughter… ” next to a photo of Annabel. She is a phenomenal young actor with such a promising future.

She brings such a positive energy to our cast and to the set since she is thoughtful, bright, and always listening. She is causing the necessary turbulence in this plot and proving to be a little challenging for Justin. Dads and their daughters, eh?,” I groan.

James posted a picture of the couple and congratulated the actress while writing: “Liar, liar, trousers on fire! ” while Ava’s sinister tale proceeded in Australia. This tale is being killed by you.

After making cameos in Travis Fimmel’s murder mystery Black Snow and the Australian comedy Diary of an Uber Driver, Annabel scored her breakthrough role in Home and Away.

Annabel commented on Ava’s comeback by stating: “Up until this point, Ava had only been on the show as a ‘small girl’ or at a period of pre-adolescence. Justin soon recognises how much she has developed mentally and physically while he was away.

The actress said, “Ava’s return will bring chaos to Justin’s life, as he’s forced to deal with the rebellion of a resentful daughter,” when asked what her presence means for him.


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