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Home and Away newcomer Kyle Shilling shares hopes for Mali’s family to arrive

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Kyle Shilling, a newcomer to Home and Away, wishes to see Mali Hudson’s family appear in Summer Bay.

Last month, Shilling made his debut as Mali on Australian television; he will follow in March at the UK/Channel 5 pace.

Mali showed up for a quick visit to surprise Dean Thompson, an old friend and business partner, but Mali decided to stay when Dean gave the board shaper a position working in his surfboard store.

Since accepting Dean’s offer would mean spending less time with his family, who reside a few hours up the coast, Mali was originally hesitant to do so.

Shilling, who is the first Indigenous character in the serial, believes it’s an ideal chance to learn more about Mali’s cultural past and invite some of his family to visit the Bay.

The actor told Things, “The [Parata] boys had their moments during the haka and stuff.”

“I am eagerly anticipating the time when I will, ideally, invite cousins, family, and friends to participate in a truly lovely corroboree ceremony celebration for Mali, a friend, or a family member. I’m quite eager for that.”

Shilling went on to say “It should be advantageous, in my opinion. Mali is a cheerful individual who cherishes his family and culture, yet negativity will inevitably surround happiness. You cannot perform this type of work and not anticipate that.”

Shilling describes the show’s Aboriginal consultant as “wonderful” and notes that the producers had engaged her to assist with the narratives for Mali.

With our culture, there are more than 500 distinct tribal groups, he said, “it’s quite difficult.” There are more than 500 different linguistic groups and other things of the sort, but we do have an incredible consultant on board.


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