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Home and Away newcomer Stacey surprises Xander with relationship revelation

Next week on UK television, Xander Delaney from Home and Away must decide how to handle his connection with Stacey Collingwood, a newbie.

In forthcoming episodes, the couple’s relationship intensifies, but Xander is caught off guard when Stacey’s plans for the future diverge from his own.

In the Channel 5 episodes airing the following week, Xander is happy to learn that Stacey is settling down in Summer Bay after being appointed as the gym’s new trainer.

Stacey accepts Xander’s invitation to go on a second date as a way to celebrate, and he is overjoyed.

When Xander unexpectedly jumps behind the bar at Salt to assist Mackenzie Booth, Stacey appreciates his spontaneity.


Later, back at Xander’s flat, Stacey makes a flirtatious inquiry about any other skills he might be concealing. Stacey is carried by Xander as he heads for his bedroom, eager to escalate the situation.

Later, Xander suggests having a cosy night in so they can spend even more time together.

Stacey declines this offer and says she already has a date with another man.

Stacey explains that she has no interest in monogamy and enjoys dating many people before Xander has a chance to feel rejected.

Stacey wants to continue seeing Xander, but only if he’s okay with her going out on dates with other guys as well.


Xander is undecided about what to do and confides in his sister Rose about Stacey’s dating strategy.

Rose doesn’t have a problem with Stacey’s choices, but she can’t help but worry that it’s not the best course of action for Xander given how much he’ll struggle if he falls deeply in love with her.

Xander is likely to experience heartache in the future, but what will he choose to do?


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