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Home and Away promo sees Ava leave Summer Bay with a stranger

Ava is shown leaving town with a total stranger in a new Home and Away commercial. Will she be alright after Theo turns against her?

After being recast a second time, Ava Gilbert, the daughter of Justin Morgan (James Stewart), returned to Summer Bay in February with a slightly altered appearance from when we last saw her.

She had matured and, like many adolescent females, was now more eager to form relationships with boys than with her father.

Ava was particularly drawn to Theo (Matt Evans), one of the boys. She was eventually identified as Theo’s stalker or crazy admirer who had been giving him gifts through the mail for several weeks and had been frightening both Theo and Kirby (Angelina Thomson) with her apparent knowledge of Theo’s employment and residence.

The epiphany occurred when Kirby came upon Ava’s scrapbook, which was stuffed with images and sketches of Theo, including a picture of Theo, Ava, and Kirby with Kirby’s face taped over.

It was obvious that Ava had grown fixated on Theo, and Justin was the only one who didn’t notice.

Justin couldn’t understand why Theo had to leave to put some distance between himself and Ava despite the fact that he trusted his daughter to have moved over their “little crush” on him.

Leah (Ada Nicodemou) also tried to divert Ava’s attention by appointing Roo (Georgie Parker) as her tutor so she could stay on top of her academic obligations while she was still in the bay.

Unfortunately, Ava remained uninterested in her schooling, and Roo struggled to get her to look away from her phone.

However, when Roo attempted to alert Justin that Ava was still obviously still in love with Theo, he reacted angrily and questioned if he was paying her to spy on his daughter or instruct her.

Ava’s fixation with Theo persisted, though, and in today’s Australian episode, Roo found pictures of Ava seductively donning one of Theo’s shirts with the phrase “when your boyfriend wants you to wear his t-shirt” on Ava’s phone.

Kirby will try again tomorrow to convince Ava to avoid her boyfriend.

Kirby tells Ava, “I’m going to need you to get this past that stupid, deluded head of yours. “That won’t ever happen with you and Theo.”

Yet, Ava isn’t having it. “You know it’s awful that you can’t even see what’s right under your nose,” she replies.

The sensual photographs Ava put on her I 3 THEO account are then discovered by Kirby and Theo, who are startled.

Theo says, “That’s my shirt.

Kirby continues, “And that’s in your room.

Theo tells Kirby that Justin has to know that he “hasn’t done anything messed up with Ava” since his main worry is that Justin will believe the posts.

Kirby adds, “Fine, but this is what she wants,” as the two start to dispute. “Everyone was chasing after her and focusing on her.”

Theo replies, “Then what else do you want me to do?” as the two become more enraged with one another.

Ava is ecstatic that her activities have led to the pair falling out as she observes them from a distance as their quarrel spills out onto the street.

Kirby replies, “I don’t know, I’m just trying to help you.

Yes, but you’re not, I say. Theo answers indignantly.

Is Ava moving closer to severing Theo and Kirby’s relationship?

The dramatic progression of the plot is depicted in a promo that aired following Tuesday’s broadcast.

You don’t need to pretend, we’ve always had a connection, Ava assures Theo as we watch them conversing on the beach.

Theo tells her bluntly that he isn’t into her: “I’ve never been and I never will be,” you say.

Then, as Ava storms out of the room, Theo follows closely behind.

A man in a light blue campervan asks Ava if the man she’s with is harassing her as he runs after her.

In response to the stranger’s “yes, can you give me a lift?” request, Ava enters the van against Theo’s advice. The stranger then starts the van and departs.

Theo is subsequently obliged to inform Justin that his daughter has left the house with a stranger, and Justin is naturally upset.

Theo says, “I couldn’t stop her. “She departed.”

She left because of you, Justin says fiercely.

Later, Justin goes to the police station and informs Rose that his minor daughter has boarded an unauthorised stranger’s van. That dude might be harmful.

The unidentified man is then seen returning to the harbour, where he puts a bag from his van in the trash before washing his hands.

The advertisement then transitions to Ava texting Justin with the phrase, “HELP! I’m afraid! I am unable to leave.

“If that man has done something to her, he’s a dead man,” Justin is heard saying.

Is Ava actually in trouble, or is she just trying to attract attention?

Images of Ava’s phone abandoned on a rock are shown after that. Rose is shown appearing to find something, and Cash rushes out of his police vehicle, which is parked next to the man’s blue campervan.

The man is shown with his campervan parked in a lot next to the beach, and he doesn’t appear particularly tense.

Justin then leaps from his ute and strikes what seems to be the same man in the face.

Has the man actually harmed Ava, though?

In following episodes, it appears that Ava and the stranger will get close and that he’ll have a more significant role than simply providing her a ride out of town.

The guy left the beach with his surfboard and walked to his campervan, where Ava was waiting for him lying down in the back, as shown on the Home and Away Tour last year.

Could he be Ava’s potential new love interest? Will he be able to help her get over her crush on Theo, or will she be in for a lot more trouble?


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