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Home and Away Spoilers – Bob’s return threatens Theo and Kirby

Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Rose gatecrashes Xander’s first date while Theo worries about his and Kirby’s relationship when Bob comes to Summer Bay.

The following week, when Bob Forysth (Rob Mallett), Kirby’s ex-boyfriend, visits the city, he is not welcome.

The last time we saw “Bob the Snob,” he had turned down a regular gig in a small town like Summer Bay in favour of going solo and finding fame and money while leaving his former bandmates and girlfriend behind.

Bob emerged from hiding and sent Kirby a message last week when Lyrik’s new lineup had their first music video go viral, commenting that she appeared cosy with new lead vocalist Theo (Matt Evans). Bob asked Kirby if they could meet up and speak, even though he isn’t entirely sure that Theo has taken over as his substitute in various ways.

Kirby hoped that seeing Bob might assist their abrupt breakup find some closure after speaking with bandmate Eden (Stephanie Panozzo).

However, Theo wasn’t too pleased when he discovered a text message from Bob thanking Kirby for agreeing to meet up on her phone. Kirby changed her mind and told Bob that she no longer wanted to meet, but it seems he hasn’t gotten the message, even though Theo afterwards assured her that she could proceed with whatever she needed to do without interference from him.

Next week, Kirby and Theo are rejoicing over another successful interview when Bob saunters into the backyard. As Kirby and Theo break up their kiss, he says, “Hope I’m not interrupting anything.”

Kirby and Theo are sceptical of Bob’s claim that he only wants to congratulate them on their achievement.

When Bob says he wants to speak with Kirby alone, Theo leaves for work. Bob quickly surmises that Kirby is just with Theo as a ruse.

Bob begs Kirby to look him in the eye and say that she is content with Theo, which she does, but Bob notices that he is starting to irritate her.

While Kirby admits that she only agreed to the meeting at first because she wanted closure, Bob soon discloses the true purpose for his return. The biggest regret of his life, he says Kirby when he convinces her to go out for a drink at Salt, is losing her. He wants her back!

Bob loves himself more than he loves her, and Kirby scorns the notion. It’s certainly no accident that he returned at the same time Lyrik started to achieve some notoriety.

Flick reluctantly agrees to let Bob stay with her and Tane after seeing him in Salt since he had to sell the van and had nowhere else to go.

Theo praises Kirby for his patience and for giving her room to deal with Bob when they run into each other outside her house the following morning as he is on his way to deliver her coffee.

Bob just so happens to be leaving the Parata home as the two are kissing. It feels like a kick in the belly to see them.

Kirby is annoyed when Bob repeatedly approaches her in the garden despite her requests for him to go.

When Kirby says that Theo puts her first, Bob tries to persuade her that Theo can never truly satisfy her wishes, calling him a pushover.

Kirby makes it clear to Bob that their relationship, both romantically and professionally, is over. In her life, he is no longer welcome.

Bob goes to meet Theo and claims he has to clear the air over a game of pool after realising he has come to a dead end.

Will Theo start to have second thoughts about his relationship with Kirby as he tries to persuade him that he’s just on the rebound…?

In another part of Summer Bay, Xander (Luke Van Os) is anticipating his meeting with Stacey (Maleeka Gasbarri) after being obliged to do so after losing a game of pool to Rose (Kirsty Marillier).

While Xander has already phoned Stacey to make plans, he plays a sly game with Rose by delaying his call to her despite her persistent questions.

It doesn’t take long after Xander tells Leah (Ada Nicodemou) and Irene (Lynne McGranger) that he has a date that night for dinner before Leah unintentionally tells Rose, who thought Xander was going to a birthday celebration.

Rose naturally stops by Salt to see how her younger brother is doing and discovers Xander waiting at a table for two. Once Stacey gets there, Rose disappears, but not before an embarrassed Xander has to introduce the two.

The date goes poorly for Xander, who is clearly out of his element, but neither of them could have predicted what was about to unfold.

David (Michael Gosden), a patron up at the bar, feels a little off-balance and accidently knocks a glass over on the bar as Emily Weir, the bartender, serves him. Are you sure you haven’t had enough? Mac asks when he later tries to order a beer due to his slurred speech.

Mac motions for David to leave and offers to get a cab, and David immediately passes out on the floor. Xander leaps into action while Stacey makes an ambulance call as Mac stands there in disbelief.

Xander believes David has genuinely had a stroke after being forced to take him to the hospital when he rejects an ambulance.

Will Xander have another chance to make Stacey fall in love after the disastrous date?

Mac is shaken after learning that David has been placed in an induced coma; she should have recognised the indications. As a result, Mac calls a staff meeting and takes a significant decision regarding the company.


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