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Home and Away spoilers: James Stewart reveals tragedy for Justin Morgan as Leah Patterson is ‘close to death’ in car smash horror

In the TV show Home and Away, James Stewart’s character Justin Morgan is beside himself when Leah Patterson’s (Ada Nicademou) life-threatening injuries result from a tragic car accident.

The couple collides with Felicity Newman’s (Jacqui Purvis) car as she travels to marry her soul mate Tane Parata (Ethan Browne).

Eden (Stephanie Panozzo), who is operating the bridal car, makes futile brake attempts after running into a slow-moving van.

In response to Felicity’s frightened pleas for her best friend to slow down, Eden swerves into oncoming traffic, which ultimately leads to tragedy when their vehicle collides with Justin and Leah’s.

After a brief period of disorientation, Justin awakens and discovers that Leah has suffered major injuries as a result of the crash, which causes him to fear for her life.

The first thing Justin thinks is, “This can’t be real,” according to actor James Stewart of the terrifying scenes, according to Metro.co.uk. ‘ It’s unusual to witness a human body with a stake through the stomach, but that’s what he’s seeing.
He was unable in math. He just entered “how can I repair this?” mentality because he can hear and see the voice.

He dials 911 and applies pressure to the wound to prevent excessive blood loss; I also think he may have prayed a little. He is simply praying to God while sitting there. If you could just hurry up and send the ambulance, I won’t ever make a mistake again.”

James claimed that he took the action scenes in the lengthy week extremely “seriously,” although saying that he was “enjoying” filming them all.

According to the soap opera actress, “You have to look at your partner and see them in such a sad condition, close to death, and pretend that this is your circumstance.” I know I did.

There was a tone of seriousness. I spoke with a lot of EMS officers and other professionals to determine the sequence of events that would best portray the situation accurately.

Of course, Justin’s top priority is getting Leah to the hospital, but after Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), whose sister and girlfriend are hurt in the collision, accuses him of having bad brakes while being unaware that the bikies are really at fault, Justin finds himself facing additional difficulties.

‘Justin’s beside himself,’ said James, detailing his character’s reaction to Cash’s accusation.

He says, “We fixed the car jointly, so it can’t be true. It’s likely the only place where Justin follows procedures meticulously is at work. He knows he fixed the car correctly, so having Cash accuse him and yell at him while standing there is just devastating.

The outcome of the massive and must-see week is still up in the air, but James cautions viewers that there will be a lot of fallout in the months to come.

I was considering this,” he exclaimed. Going forward, I believe the most important question is: What would you do and how would you conduct your life if you believed that a loved one was about to pass away?

Naturally, physical rehabilitation is necessary, but psychologically, what does Justin do to alter his life after nearly losing the love of his life?


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