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Home and Away spoilers: Will Ziggy lose baby after medical emergency?

In Home and Away, Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) has been having morning sickness for the past few weeks, making it difficult for her to eat or go out with Dean (Patrick O’Connor) as she once did.

The worst, though, appears to be behind her, and she is glad to be liberated once more. She is now prepared to take on the world!

She has been left in charge as the new manager, so her first course of action is to get to work at the garage. But as she starts working, she suddenly collapses, clutching her stomach in pain. When Xander (Luke Van Os) arrives in an ambulance to check on her, Ziggy insists everything is fine.

Dean, not wanting to take any chances, advises her to visit a hospital to see a doctor and get checked over. What if the infant has a health issue? Ziggy reluctantly makes his way to the hospital. Will she be okay or is there something wrong with her pregnancy?

A client calls Justin (James Stewart) to express concern that the garage is closed in the meanwhile. When clients find that no one is available for them, they become irate with Justin and he tries his best to placate them. But he is curious as to what happened to Ziggy. When he contacts her, he is upset to see how carefree and happy she is.

Why isn’t she in the parking lot? Ziggy hesitates, but she refuses to acknowledge that she has been to the hospital. Instead, she feigns forgetfulness and Justin becomes enraged.

Has he miscalculated by elevating her? Ziggy is left to worry if, on top of everything else, she has jeopardised her job.


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