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Home and Away star celebrates news with emotional post

Star of Home and Away Ada Nicodemou currently has two very special reasons to rejoice.

the first justification? The approaching birthday of her close friend and fellow Home and Away cast member Lynne McGranger.

The 35th anniversary of Home and Away on television is the second justification.

After a pre-birthday luncheon, Nicodemou posted a photo of herself and McGranger to Instagram.

Nicodemou wrote, “I adore being with you.

“Happy impending (large) birthday to you. We always have such a fantastic laugh.

“I adore and treasure you so much.”

McGranger responded to the post, obviously moved.

She wrote, “What a delightful pre birthday luncheon!”

“By ourselves, we drank the ocean dry, laughed, and stalked” (a little bit).

I adore you a lot, my friend.

“I can’t wait to do it again for your birthday because you’re such a rational voice (not after a few drinks though)!”

McGregor posted a separate image of herself and Nicodemou on her own Instagram.

She posted, “What a magical pre birthday lunch with my stunning friend Ada Nicodemou at beautiful @CatalinasRoseBay.”

Eat, hydrate, laugh, then repeat!

My lovely friend, I had the finest time,” Nicodemou replied.

Former Home and Away actors and viewers delighted in the bond.

Sam Frost wrote, “My two favourites.”

“Two incredibly attractive people and superb actors… I adore Home and Away,” one viewer declared.

The well-liked TV programme is currently marking its 35th season on the air.

Ray Meagher (Alf Stewart), Emily Symons (Marilyn Chambers), Shane Withington (John Palmer), and McGranger are all shown in a snapshot that Nicodemou posted.


In addition to numerous blue and silver balloons, the cast members are standing around a silver 35-inch helium balloon.

In a different old photo, Nicodemou is pictured alongside Rebekah Elmaloglou, Kate Ritchie, and Kristy Wright.

“Amazing!! What an event! What a group! Cheers to 35 Years at Home and Away! Actress Penny McNamee penned this.

One supporter continued, “Sending huge birthday wishes all the way from the UK.”

“I’ve been watching from the start and have never missed an episode!

“My all-time favourite programme.”


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