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Home and Away’s Felicity shares wedding doubts after Tane’s proposal

Is this marriage destined for failure?

On Home and Away, Tane has made up his mind that Felicity is the person he wants to spend the rest of his life with, but as the wedding planning gets under way, it seems there may be some challenges to overcome.

Tane makes every effort to make the proposal as romantic and memorable as he can because he is determined to give Felicity a proposal she will never forget.

With the exception of Eden, who declines to attend despite Remi’s best efforts to convince her otherwise, he takes her to the lighthouse and organises for everyone who matters to them to be there, including the band Lyric who he has hired to serenade them as he pops the question.

The proposal, however, initially doesn’t go as planned since Felicity, who has a history of commitment issues, quickly flees before responding to Tane.

Tane is thrilled that she has been accepted, but it appears that Felicity may not be as devoted to the idea as he believes she is. Nevertheless, she is able to gather herself and return to say yes.

Things only get worse for Felicity’s scepticism as word of the impending wedding spreads throughout Summer Bay and nearly everyone wants to talk to her about it.

All the big life questions—the wedding, the honeymoon, prospective future children—come Felicity’s way, and as more and more people question her, the more she struggles.

Most others may not notice Felicity’s misgivings, but Mackenzie quickly does and pulls her away to make sure everything is well.

She receives a hug from Mackenzie and is given space to express her concerns about commitment. When she tells Felicity how much she loves Tane and adds that getting married won’t change that, it appears that the conversation may have also been helpful.

Felicity agrees to give the concept a shot, but as the big wedding approaches, will her scepticism just become stronger?


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