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Home and Away’s Jacob dead in shock Bree storyline twist

Bree’s recent kidnapping drama was resolved on tonight’s Australian episode of Home and Away, and her violent husband Jacob perished as a result.

While Summer Bay was still in shock over Felicity and Tane’s calamitous wedding this week, Remi (Adam Rowland) had other things on his mind. In the final few days of the 2022 season, Bree (Juliet Godwin), the wife of an abusive Jacob (Alex Williams), was kidnapped.

The tale of Bree and Jacob has taken centre stage during the past few months. They had been dating for years, but during the course of their relationship, Jacob had become more and more controlling and violent, frequently resorting to physical violence.

Bree soon made friends with Remi after relocating to Summer Bay, and it didn’t take her long to start experiencing affections for him.

When Jacob unexpectedly arrived in Summer Bay, he discovered the two sharing lunch at Salt. He sensed a spark between them and quickly developed paranoia that his wife was having an affair with the town’s charismatic muso. He vented his rage on Bree once more and left her to hide the facial injuries.

Bree ultimately made the decision to leave Jacob for Remi, and the two started dating after Jacob went back to work in the Western Australian mines. The only problem was how to break the news to him.

Jacob regrettably arrived at Summer Bay early and saw Remi and his wife sharing a moment while out on a date.

He soon barged into Bree’s motel room and ordered her to pack so they could depart Summer Bay.

When Remi learned that Jacob was back, he hurried to the motel, but before Bree could stop him, Jacob pushed him to a chair and broke his guitar-playing hand.

Jacob had Bree hidden away when the new season began; the two were camping together with just a little fire for warmth. Bree played happy families with her violent husband and pretended she was thrilled to be there with him despite the fact that she was chilly and uncomfortable.

Remi in Summer Bay was growing increasingly impatient with the cops for failing to provide any updates. He ripped at the WA police, warning that Bree could not have much time left, while they could only advise him to be patient.

In an effort to calm him down, Kirby (Angelina Thomson) suggested they visit Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) in the hospital, but he declined, saying he didn’t want to concentrate on anything else.

He concurred with Kirby when she pointed out that losing his temper was not aiding in the search for Bree, saying, “No, you’re right. We must locate a capable person.

Bree was trying her best to appear cheerful at the impromptu campsite, but she was really only waiting for a chance to strike. Her countenance revealed her actual sentiments as she placed her palm on her chin and had a hurt expression on her face as Jacob left their tent to prepare some toast.

When she inquired about Jacob’s strategy, she was shocked to learn that it involved them adopting new identities before beginning a new covert existence together.

Jacob said, “If we’re going to stay under the radar, we’re going to need new names. “I used to work with a person who can get us anything sorted out, including new IDs. Then nobody will discover us.

In the meantime, Remi hired a private detective to find Bree. He told to them when he met them at Salt that Bree had been missing for three nights and that the police had done nothing to find her.

Remi was compelled to declare that he lacked any images when the PI inquired if he had any. Since they had been keeping their relationship a secret, neither of them had any pictures of the other on social media.

But the PI quickly made a mistake. He inquired, “Which one of you was having the affair?” before claiming Remi was the envious ex-lover.

Additionally, he mentioned to Remi that perhaps Bree went with Jacob voluntarily, adding that this frequently occurred in affairs and that the partner would choose to stay with their original partner once they saw that the situation wasn’t as bad as they had thought.

The PI claimed that by pointing out that Bree might have left voluntarily, he was merely attempting to save Remi some money. Remi revealed to Kirby and Theo (Matt Evans) that it was possible that Bree had actually done that, and she agreed that at least that would mean she was safe.

Later, Bree had a little period of alone at the campsite, so she jumped inside Jacob’s car and started looking for the keys. She looked in the glove box and discovered a pen and paper, so she began writing a letter to Remi even though they weren’t there.

She hurriedly hid the letter when she saw Jacob coming back and continued sorting the laundry, but sadly, Jacob had already noticed what she was actually doing.

He took the letter out of her pocket as he drew her closer, and when he opened it, he saw that it was a tender note to Remi declaring her love for him.

Jacob immediately lost control of his rage and struck Bree in the head, knocking her unconscious.

When Bree awoke, she discovered Jacob digging a hole a few metres away. He appeared to be preparing her grave after believing he had killed her.

Bree seized her opportunity when Jacob briefly dropped the spade. She crept up behind him, grabbed the spade, and struck him in the head!

In preparation for her getaway, she snatched the automobile keys out of his pocket. She soon realised, though, that Jacob had been more than just knocked out. She realised she had killed him when she put her cheek close to his chest and noticed he was not breathing.

Bree began to panic and dialled 911 before starting chest compressions.

She was still feverishly performing compressions when Rose (Kirsty Marillier) and Xander (Luke Van Os) – who else? – arrived shortly after. She yelled at Xander to intubate, but it was the paramedic’s responsibility to yank her aside and tell her that Jacob had passed away.

They could immediately tell what had occurred after noticing the blood on his ear.

Remi was overjoyed to learn that Bree had been located when she returned to Summer Bay. He hurried to the Northern Districts Hospital, where he found Bree sitting up straight in a hospital bed with Xander by her side and her arms around her knees.

Bree resisted Remi’s attempts to touch her and urged him to stop.

Remi still appeared perplexed as to why the girl he had gone head over heals for now wanted nothing to do with him, despite Xander’s explanation that Bree was in shock.

What repercussions will Bree experience over the coming weeks now that Jacob is truly gone, and will she ever be able to trust again?


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