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Johnny Ruffo shares adorable Christmas photos: ‘The most wonderful time’

A charming Christmas tradition has been kept by Ruffo and his partner Tahnee Sims.

After meeting with his family in Perth, the former Home and Away star Johnny Ruffo shared his “amazing” Christmas with followers.

The adored performer and actor, who is waging a courageous battle against brain cancer, resumed a sweet tradition with partner Tahnee Sims by taking a mirror picture while dressed alike for Christmas.

He added Santa and red heart emojis to the sweet photo’s caption, writing, “It’s the most amazing time.”

Ruffo stood with his nonna and his brother Michael, who he hadn’t seen in three years owing to the COVID outbreak, in a different picture.

He wrote, “Christmas eve with two of my favourite people.”

On Instagram, hundreds of well-wishers commented on his Christmas photographs.

One supporter said, “Merry Christmas to you both and welcome back to our beautiful Perth.”

“I love how your pyjamas match!” another was excited.

Another supporter remarked, “Love that you guys do this every year.”

The couple shared a similar selfie in 2018, but in 2021, they wore dark blue pyjamas with gingernut cookies wafting in the air.

The photo of Ruffo with his nonna and Irish-born sibling also garnered a lot of positive feedback.

One commenter said, “Nonnas make everything absolutely right.”

“Happy Holidays to all. Nonnas are gorgeous. Hold them close,” said another.

A third person remarked, “Now that’s a great photo with Michael and Nonna.”

Ruffo expressed his excitement for his brother Michael’s reunion in an earlier interview with 7Entertainment this year.

I haven’t seen my brother in three years, but he’s coming home for Christmas, and I can’t wait to see him, Ruffo said. My brother now lives in Ireland.

Other than his girlfriend, Ruffo claimed that his brother was his “closest” confidant.

We are as shrewd as thieves. He is truly my hero and everything to me. And I’m really excited to see him,” he added.

I’m not sure how I’m going to respond, but I can’t wait since he’s everything.

Ruffo informed his followers that his chemotherapy treatments for the year were over on December 7.

“I completed another year of chemotherapy. I got through, though it wasn’t easy,” he wrote in his post.

Can’t wait to spend some well-deserved time with my family during the upcoming holiday break.

The message was accompanied by a picture of Ruffo being treated in the hospital while still grinning and giving the thumbs up.

Ruffo is battling brain cancer for a second time.

The musician and actor confirmed his terminal diagnosis in August of this year, but said that he was motivated to continue fighting the illness.


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