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Star of Home and Away Emily Symons rejects Emmerdale’s 50th anniversary homecoming.

Emily Symons, a pillar of Home and Away, admitted she won’t be staging a splashy reappearance for Emmerdale’s 50th anniversary.

Recently, it was announced that actors Danny Miller, Amy Walsh, and Elizabeth Estensen will briefly reprise their roles, with substantial storylines promised by the producers.

Presenters Rochelle Humes and Craig Doyle on Thursday’s This Morning couldn’t help but speculate about Emily’s potential return to the ITV soap opera as Louise Appleton.

Although it has been 14 years since Emily’s character Louise Appleton left the show—she made her debut in 2001 and left in 2008—the Australian native has no immediate plans to come back.

‘Not at this time,’ she said.

‘My boss is sitting right there so I can’t say anything.’

Asking is not harmful!

ITV will also film a one-off special documentary to commemorate the amazing milestone, looking on the past 50 years and showing how a sleepy daily afternoon serial about country residents evolved into the acclaimed, sobering drama it is today.

For the viewers’ entertainment, a blend of vintage Emmerdale snippets and infrequently seen gems will be uncovered from the ITV archives.

The event will feature contributions from beloved cast members from the past and present as they travel back in time and consider how far the soap opera and their characters have progressed.

“This milestone celebratory tribute will also recollect some of the standout 74 weddings, 43 births, and 105 deaths in the show since 1972,” a spokesman said. “We’ll also look back on some of the show’s most well-known family dynasties, like the Sugdens, the Tates, and the Dingles.”

Along the way, we’ll learn more about the playwright who created Emmerdale Farm’s initial goals, how TV critics and viewers reacted to the show’s early portrayal of rural life, and how it ultimately changed to reflect the evolving tastes and lifestyles of its devoted following.


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