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This Morning fans left baffled by Home and Away star Melissa George’s accent

Fans of THIS Morning were perplexed by Home and Away star Melissa George’s accent today, which made her sound French.

The singer, 46, who originally sounded like she was from Australia but now calls France home has an entirely different accent.

Her altered voice caught viewers off guard, and several of them commented on it on Twitter.

“Watching an interview with Melissa George, and it seems like she’s fully phased out her Australian accent,” one person remarked. #ThisMorning.”

“As soon as she mentioned she resided in France she put on a French twang,” said the second.

“Melissa’s accent has somewhat changed since her Home & Away days,” a third person commented.

To Mellisa, wow This morning, George’s French accent,” added another.

The actress made an appearance on the programme to discuss her television series The Mosquito Coast, in which she co-stars with Justin Theroux.

In 1993, Melissa gained notoriety when she was cast as Angel Parrish in the television series Home and Away.

She debuted on the programme as a young runaway and dated Shane Parrish on-screen.

Until Melissa left the show in 1996, they were one of the soap’s most adored couples ever.

She later relocated to America where she got significant TV and film roles.

Later, the actress and her kids Raphael and Solal moved to France with her former husband Jean David Blanc.


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