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CHILD STAR Inside Hollyoaks star Billy Price’s life off-screen – from EastEnders snub to Nickelodeon child fame

The actor Billy Price has played Sid Sumner on Hollyoaks since 2019, but you’ve probably seen him before.

That’s because the 22-year-old star of a Channel 4 serial opera has been steadily working since he was a little child, developing an amazing C.V. for someone of his age.

Billy began his career as a child actor, appearing in a number of theatrical performances.

He played a lost youngster in Peter Pan before getting a role in the hit series To Kill a Mockingbird.

However, things really took off when Billy was announced as a cast member of the Nickelodeon and Comedy Central sitcom SHHH!

In the 2019 television series, which followed a bunch of mischievous youngsters who frequently caused trouble at school, the young actor was cast as Jack.

Billy reflected on his experience working on the children’s programme, saying, “SHHH! is something that I’m incredibly happy to have worked on.”

He continued by saying that for one very specific reason, it will always stand out on his acting resume.

The Comedy Central/Nickelodeon series was a silent comedy, similar to Mr. Bean, which not only allowed it to be transmitted globally but also allowed people with hearing problems to immerse themselves in the world of TV comedy.

Billy has nevertheless experienced some rejection along the way, just like any performer.

Billy recently confessed that right after taking on the role of disturbed youngster Sid, which was only intended to be a temporary guest appearance, he had his eye on another role—for rival soap opera EastEnders.

I actually gave an EastEnders audition, Billy admitted. I gave a Bobby Beale audition.

The actor said, “I’ve been to so many EastEnders auditions! I’ve also been seen for the role of Hunter! They are really beautiful there.

Billy, who frequently updates his social media accounts about going out with his friends, has indicated that he believes it was fate’s will.

“They’re going to raise your Hollyoaks character to a regular,” my agent called me a few days after I learned I didn’t get the position.

“I was overjoyed. Everything takes place for a purpose.

Billy, a nominee for a National Television Award, has a variety of interests outside of acting, and he recently began learning how to play the guitar.


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