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Emmerdale spoilers: Leyla relapses into drugs after split from Liam?

Emmerdale’s (Roxy Shahidi) Leyla’s (Roxy Shahidi) recovery hasn’t been smooth sailing for her; she’s encountered a few roadblocks. As with any recovery, this has made Liam (Jonny McPherson) work extra hard to keep their marriage intact.

He appears to be about to reach one of his limits, but everyone has them.

Even more so now that Leyla has returned home from rehab, their relationship is still extremely tense. She turns to Priya (Fiona Wade) for support as she senses the vast chasm that has appeared between them. She confides in her friend about her darkest, most terrifying fears: that her relationship with Liam is irreparably broken.

These remarks have Priya concerned, and she has every right to be. Although Leyla will probably be the cause of their marriage’s failure is probably the most widespread belief, it appears that everyone is focusing in the wrong place. Because disaster is guaranteed when Liam decides he too needs to let go, he chooses to do so with his ex Bernice (Samantha Giles).

Liam is honest about the state of things with Leyla during their deep and meaningful conversation.

Liam finds comfort in Bernice’s calming and sympathetic demeanor—a comfort he hasn’t experienced in a while. He decides to go for it and plants a kiss on a shocked Bernice after interpreting the clear signals.

She is shocked and tells Liam right away that he needs to be honest with Leyla. Liam is equally astounded by his actions and resolves to be as truthful as he can.

He abandons his quest for the truth, however, when Leyla later falls into his arms and things begin to go well. After a tearful reunion, Liam expresses his joy over Leyla and his beginning to make progress once more.

Enter Bernice, who observes the private exchange and surmises from Leyla’s tears that she has been informed of Liam’s indiscretion. She later runs into Leyla and, believing she has been informed, unintentionally informs Leyla that she has been unfaithful.

Leyla is appalled that her pillar of strength—the only person she could trust in these terrible times—has abandoned her. She is already perilously close to self-destruction and has previously been on the verge of doing so. Will this be the solution?


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