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Emmerdale’s Naomi Walters exposed as Nicola’s attacker as fans ‘work’ out link to Meena

Fans of EMMERDALE think that newcomer Naomi Walters, who threatened Manpreet Sharma in Friday night’s episode, may be one of Nicola King’s attackers.

After the doctor attempted to mediate a dispute between the newcomer and her father Charles Anderson at the conclusion of Friday night’s Emmerdale, Naomi Walters (played by Karene Peter) eventually got into an altercation with Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) (Kevin Mathurin). After the ordeal she had with her sister Meena Jutla, a serial killer, the GP saw a dark side of Naomi that left her feeling scared (Paige Sandhu).

Following the confrontation, ITV viewers have developed their own opinions about the plot and think Naomi has a troubled background.

Manpreet said, “You know, Charles is a good man,” in an effort to diffuse the situation.

Has he sent me to tell you that? Before the doctor continued, Naomi shot back: “No, he’d be furious if he knew I was here.”

Manpreet responded, “Wow, Naomi, I get that life has handed you a poor hand. “But he, too, has not had a bed of roses.

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The newcomer responded, “You imply my adopted parents aren’t real.

Before Naomi made a sly joke about Manpreet’s serial murderer sister, Manpreet said, “I didn’t mean it like that.

You can’t pretend she doesn’t exist, she remarked as Naomi said, “We’re not talking about her.”

When Manpreet saw Naomi’s dark side, the conversation rapidly took a terrible turn.

If that’s what you actually believe, perhaps you should leave and never return, Manpreet fumed.

“Are you cautioning me?” Noa enquired. “I, not you, will determine if I get to know Charles.

You best keep in mind that I don’t need your opinion since I don’t like it when people try to meddle.

“Are you going to threaten me?” As Naomi answered, Manpreet questioned, “You tell me. You seem to understand my thoughts.

ITV viewers, however, went to social media to discuss their theories about the upcoming plot after the tragic moments.

Some people appear to believe Naomi was one of Nicola Wheeler’s attackers, while others seem to believe the newcomer is connected to serial killer Meena Jutla.

Do you believe Naomi was a member of the group who attacked Nicola, Bernadine questioned? I am at a loss as to what else to say to her.

Think Naomi is connected to Meena #emmerdale, according to Kelly Hale.

That Naomi is a terrible character, Sonia Stephenson continued. She is mistaken in believing that she is the center of the universe.

“Why does she bother to visit the community where her father resides when she doesn’t expect to run into him? I really hope she was the one who attacked Nicola.” (sic)

Lynn wrote, “When I see Naomi, who I absolutely detest, I actually wish Meena wasn’t hurt #emmerdale.”

“That confrontation there absolutely reaffirmed my suspicions that Naomi was involved in Nicola’s attack,” stated fan Riley Collins.

Makes you wonder if Naomi was one of the girls who attacked Nicola, Kelly continued.


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