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12 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

What is coming up in Summer Bay?

As the police look into their connection, Ziggy and Dean will endure a distressing situation on the upcoming episode of Home and Away.

Tane and Felicity make some romantic preparations for their wedding, while Xander makes another significant choice regarding Stacey.

The complete list of 12 major events is provided below.

Ziggy is taken urgently to the hospital.

Ziggy looks to be in doubt about her and her unborn child’s health as she trips and falls at Salt. Arriving in an ambulance to transport Ziggy to the hospital is Xander and another paramedic.

Bree looks after Ziggy while she is in the hospital, and she is happy to say that everything will be well for her and the child. Ziggy agrees when Dean advises her to start taking it easy for the remainder of her pregnancy and feels bad for not listening to him sooner. Bree notices this and becomes concerned because Dean seems to be in charge.

  1. Bree contacts the police about Dean.

When it comes to the bond between Dean and Ziggy, Bree keeps missing the cues. A worried Bree purposefully prolongs her hospital stay by saying that she would need to be kept in overnight in order to safeguard Ziggy.

Ziggy is questioned by Bree over injuries on her legs. When she is unsatisfied with the responses, she reports Dean for domestic abuse and calls the police.

  1. Dean is questioned by police at the station.

Ziggy and Dean are horrified when Cash enters the hospital to look into Bree’s allegations. When Dean starts to lose his cool, Cash drags him to the station for a formal interrogation.

Later, Cash releases Dean but forbids him from getting in touch with Ziggy until the investigation is over.

At the hospital, Ziggy snaps at Bree and demands a different physician. Bree refuses to back down from her charges, but she begins to realise that she might have erred when she hears Dean express his genuine care for Ziggy’s well-being later on.

Bree reports Jacob, and 4.

Bree is given some insight into her projection of her painful experience with Jacob onto Dean and Ziggy’s relationship by Remi. Bree admits that Cash is correct and that she made a mistake in the hospital.

After explaining her relationship with Jacob, Bree is relieved when Cash shows concern and support by offering to set up an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) that will prevent Jacob from contacting her in the future.

  1. Remi is honest with Dean.

Dean, who had spent the night in his car after being forbidden from visiting Ziggy, catches up with Remi. He reveals to Dean the real cause of Bree’s uncalled-for outburst at the hospital.

When Dean pays Bree a gracious visit, she apologises for her error. Dean says that he would never treat Ziggy unfairly but still backs Bree over Jacob.

  1. Xander tries to modify his dating strategy.

When Stacey discusses the advantages of dating numerous people at once with Xander, he is interested. He consents to adopt a more flexible mindset and give it a shot.

Stacey is shortly informed by Xander that he has scheduled a date for the following day. Stacey expresses her happiness for him while making it clear that she won’t require any further information.

  1. Stacey and Xander bid farewell.

Although Xander’s first date with a new person is unsuccessful, he puts on a front by telling Stacey a lie about how it went. Irene counsels Xander that he shouldn’t have to continue acting in a false manner.

Finally being open and upfront with Stacey, Xander declares his preference for monogamous relationships. Stacey and Xander part ways after realising they can’t be together because of this, but their tale is far from over.

  1. Justin signs Theo to play on his golf team.

When Justin discovers that Theo is a champion golfer, he is thrilled. For the next Summer Bay golf competition, he insists that Theo join his team.

Theo is now in an unpleasant position because he already made the decision to perform with John, Justin’s new arch-rival. Theo turns to Justin’s squad after deciding that he must put his family’s loyalty first. This escalates the small-scale conflict between Justin and John, who are both adamant about winning.

  1. Alf issues a caution to Justin and John.

John’s disappointment at Theo’s departure is short-lived because he is able to bring Rose and Kirby onto his squad. Rose, a two-time champion in golf tournaments, is one of the reasons he is very happy to have her on board.

Alf cautions Justin and John to put their competition on hold because the event is meant to be amusing and for charitable purposes. When Justin and John don’t pay attention, they up the stakes by placing a $1,000 wager on the outcome of the competition.

  1. Tane is angry about the wedding.

When Tane finds that Gemma and Chloe won’t be attending his wedding in a few weeks, he is unhappy. He feels further away from his family than ever after hearing the news.

Tane and Felicity devise a new strategy to include the whole Parata family in their joy. After the ceremony, they decide to travel to New Zealand and stop by Tane’s relatives there.

Nikau consents to assist Felicity in 11.

Felicity thinks of more strategies to make Tane’s wedding as memorable as possible. She makes the decision to deliver a moving speech during the event in Te Reo Mori.

Nikau is more than willing to help when Felicity informs him that she will need assistance with the translation. Additionally, she asks Eden for some ideas on how to express her affections for Tane.

  1. Eden must pay $12,000 in fees.

For Felicity to try on, Eden brings a selection of pricey wedding gowns to the Parata residence.

Eden checks on the dresses later and is startled to see that they are all missing. If she doesn’t find them, the shop will charge her $12,000.


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