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12 soap spoiler pictures: Coronation Street Toyah fate, EastEnders wedding outcome, Emmerdale return ‘from the dead’, Hollyoaks comeback

The biggest soaps in the country are virtually impossible to miss next week with weddings and trials on the schedule, along with a number of surprises and plot twists.

As EastEnders and Coronation Street finally reveal what actually occurred on the day of Imran Habeeb’s death, we finally get the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Consider us intrigued.

Will Toyah Battersby receive a murder sentence and go to jail?

We will find out the answer to this and other questions as her trial gets underway and a decision is made by the end of the week.

On the day of Phil Mitchell and Kat Slater’s wedding, Alfie Moon makes a surprise return to EastEnders as he and Sharon Watts each make their own last-ditch efforts to avert the nuptials.

A former face returns to Hollyoaks, much to Sid Sumner’s dismay, while Kim Tate receives the mother of all shocks over in Emmerdale.

Autumn is fully underway, with compelling storylines present in all four serials, and yz.co.uk is once more available to provide you with the most recent gossip.

Coronation Street

After Abi gives her permission to take him for a few hours before court, Toyah sobs over Alfie’s baby carriage and apologizes for taking his father away. She admits to Spider that she did intend to kill Imran because she deliberately crashed the car before going on trial. After hearing her sister’s confession, Leanne enters and is in shock.

The trial begins after that. Adam and Kelly are called as witnesses, and Saira tells the court that she saw Toyah kissing Spider and believes she was having an affair. She then claims that this is why she killed Imran and tells the court that Adam and Kelly were also witnesses. Leanne does her best to support her sister, and soon the jury announces its decision.

A man shows up at Speed Daal and introduces himself as Charlie’s friend and the boy that Stu allegedly “murdered.” He pulls out a box during tense scenes and lifts the lid, but what exactly has he released?

When Kelly opens a holdall containing her mother’s belongings, which she had left in Spain, she is shocked to find a vacation photo with the date June 17, 2019, which is the same day Rick was killed! Kelly displays the images to Gary, insisting she wants to know who actually murdered her father in order to get answers. Is Gary’s time finally up?


On the day of Phil and Kat’s wedding, Sharon is determined to win her man back, and Alfie shows up at Kat’s door.

Alfie begs Kat to think twice about getting married to Phil, but an irate Kat puts him in his place. Arriving and squaring off with Alfie, Phil is reassured by Kat that she will meet him at the altar. Alfie tries his luck with Kat after Phil has left, but she makes him leave. Alfie discovers Bert and Ernie sneaked into his van when he returns to his canal boat.

When Jack informs Frankie that getting a conviction will be difficult, Mick feels helpless, which infuriates Frankie. She becomes even more enraged when she sees Nugget and Denzel interacting with an awkward Amy. Linda makes an effort to help her.


Kim is shocked to learn that Hazel has been injured, and when she visits her in the hospital, she learns that not only was Jamie alive when the accident happened, but that he also pushed her down the stairs! Kim is informed of Jamie’s time with her by Hazel, who insists that she be fully informed of Jamie’s activities.

When Millie and Kim arrive at Home Farm, she is reserved. In the meantime, Kim is having trouble adjusting to the news that Jamie is still alive. Alone with her thoughts, she wrecks the living room at Home Farm before losing it.

Mackenzie has a ton of guilt over his one-night stand, and he intends to be honest with Charity. But his plans are quickly derailed, and he ends up going upstairs with Charity! Charity, meanwhile, is overjoyed when Mack gives her a surprise trip to Ibiza. However, as Charity is getting ready to pack, Mackenzie gets a call asking the person on the other end to leave him alone.

After agreeing to meet for lunch because they are both feeling lonely, Rishi quickly finds an excuse to leave because he thinks Bernice is too intense.


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