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3 big Emmerdale spoilers as tragedy strikes, Caleb’s wife arrives and character returns

Exclusive: A number of massive storylines that will be revealed on the ITV soap opera Emmerdale in the New Year have been hinted at.
Producer Laura Shaw of Emmerdale teased what lies ahead for the Yorkshire-based soap in the New Year, telling Express.co.uk and other media that tragedy will strike after Christmas.

She made fun of: “There’s going to be a tragedy in the village in January that’s going to affect two of our most-loved families.”Friendships will eventually be destroyed, and one of those families’ dynamics will be permanently altered.”

Natalie J. Robb’s character Moira Barton is about to tell a villager a sinister secret about her past.

“Moira’s going to make a big confession to one of our villagers,” Laura stated. She’s going to share a secret about her past.

“Moira does it to try to help the person that she’s talking to, but how is that person going to react when they find out Moira’s deepest, darkest secret?”

With a hint of crypticism, Laura continued, “If they blow it, it could threaten Moira’s whole life.”

Another surprise for fans is the appearance on screen a year after Caleb Milligan’s (Will Ash) controversial debut on the ITV soap opera that upset the Dingles.

“We’ve heard mention before of Nicky’s [Lewis Cope] mum and Caleb’s wife,” Laura said.

“Caleb has only given us brief updates, saying that everything between them is over and that nothing is happening. So is that actually the case?”

She went on, “Ruby will make her screen debut in the New Year. She will definitely turn the Dingles upside down and be an absolute firecracker.

Is this the end of Caleb and her relationship as he’s made it out to be? We’ll learn more come January 1.

Additionally, Emmerdale has revealed that a well-known character will return to the Yorkshire Dales in 2019.

Laura hinted that “A familiar face is returning in the new year,” though it is still unclear who will be making a comeback. This individual returns to assist a villager who is having some difficulties.”

Is it someone from the past, a character similar to Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton), who left the show recently?


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