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7 soap spoilers: EastEnders murder attack


  1. Ranveer is enraged to learn what Suki did because he wants to get right down to business, but Suki has other ideas. Suki refuses to back down when he demands it, and a fight breaks out as a result!
  2. Suki calls Kheerat and begs for assistance. Eve directs Ravi to Suki after observing him go there earlier while he searches for his father. Suki hits Ranveer in the head as he is overpowered by her. To Suki’s horror, Ravi discovers Ranveer’s lifeless body when he gets there.
Stacey will have a shock. (Image: Jack Barnes / Kieron McCarron / BBC)
  1. Stacey informs Martin that they must use a vacation at a campground they reserved prior to the outbreak today. In response to Martin’s cancellation, Stacey extends the invitation to Kheerat, who politely declines it. Zack encourages Martin to reconsider when he confides in him about his regret not taking the vacation. Stacey is agitated as she prepares when Kheerat and Martin show up prepared to leave after both of them having changed their minds.
  2. When Stacey discovers that the waiter at the dinner is none other than Jean, she is shocked! When Stacey meets with Jean after Kheerat has persuaded her to speak to her, she is shocked to discover that she is with Mo!
  3. Rocky reveals to Bobby and Dana that they both desire a reconciliation. Bobby and Dana meet up for drinks feeling uneasy.
  4. Jack is not a fan of Amy’s outfit, but Kim downplays it and sends Amy off with Denzel. Davinder, Ravi’s son, introduces himself, and as the three of them hang out, Denzel and Nugget upset Amy.
  5. Kathy informs Bobby that Walford East needs to be sold.


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