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8 Seo Strategies Optimizing Google Search Results 2019

8 essential SEO strategies to be aware of to optimize your Google results in 2019

8 Seo Strategies Optimizing Google Search Results 2019
8 Seo Strategies Optimizing Google Search Results 2019

If it’s finding the best place to eat lunch, attempting to find ideas for birthday gifts or searching for random thoughts like “why do the skies look blue?” the usual go-to source for answers to every problem can be found on Google. – 8 Seo Strategies Optimizing Google Search Results 2019

In actual fact the impact of the search engine is so widespread that it was named”the ” most useful word of 2002,” before being officially added to the Merriam Webster dictionary in July 2006.

With Google becoming a regular element of our lives It has certainly become an important player in the market of e-commerce, holding the majority of the search engines market share and getting more than 3.5 billion search results each day. – 8 Seo Strategies Optimizing Google Search Results 2019

What does this all mean in terms of SEO? What does this mean for (SEO)?

Your potential client may be researching details about your business and your company’s name should be on high on the page. – 8 Seo Strategies Optimizing Google Search Results 2019

How do you get your business’s website to rank first on Google?

Read on below for eight surefire tactics you can add to your SEO arsenal–guaranteeing your spot on page one of the search engine results page (SERP) in no time. – 8 Seo Strategies Optimizing Google Search Results 2019

1. Make your site mobile-friendly

Mobile device browsing is now responsible for more than 70 percent all web traffic in the last year, surpassing desktop use in the year 2016. With Google declaring that over 51 percent from smartphone users have found an innovative product or service via mobile searches and have begun with a mobile first indexing strategy to inspire web designers and managers to focus on mobile-responsive designs.

Simply put, if you have a web page can be described as mobile-friendly it will have higher chances of ranking higher in Google’s algorithm is evaluating your website. – 8 Seo Strategies Optimizing Google Search Results 2019

Consider e-commerce platforms like Etsy’s mobile website. With regard to the small display sizes of smartphones the site’s homepage is split into two main sections. This shows its comprehension of the general habits of its users. Either they know exactly what they’re looking to find (search bar) or they prefer to shop according to categories

A minimalist design that places an emphasis on the user’s experience in addition to accessibility is crucial to providing the best mobile experience for users. – 8 Seo Strategies Optimizing Google Search Results 2019

In the year 2020, it’s expected that the majority of online inquiries will be conducted via an audio search. In case you needed additional convincing evidence, voice-powered searches have already been accounted for 20 percent of all search results for mobile devices through Google. If your website isn’t optimized to work with voice search then you’re probably not getting the benefit. – 8 Seo Strategies Optimizing Google Search Results 2019

Make sure that your content is to a 9th grade comprehension level because the majority of voice search results are examined to this point. Additionally, you should consider localizing your content. 50 percent of mobile search results local can lead to shopping at the same day, so ensure you’ve got keywords that address” near me. “near to me” query. – 8 Seo Strategies Optimizing Google Search Results 2019

8 Seo Strategies Optimizing Google Search Results 2019 – With the level of competition extremely high It’s not just about getting first position any more. On Google there’s an option as being ranked zero. This is achieved by appearing in the search engine’s “featured segment’, the boxed response which is displayed at the highest of the SERP. This is in the image below.

8 Seo Strategies Optimizing Google Search Results 2019 – How do you get your name on that highly sought-after box that could potentially boost the amount of revenue generated by organic visitors by 67 percent? First of all your website must be within the top 10 positions of the SERP. Concentrate on writing content that provides the essential who is, what, the time, place, when and the way questions that can be included in one of the three forms of a featured snippet: paragraph table, list or paragraph.

Also, you can incorporate any of the top-searched terms for search results: recipes, top and vs. If your business is able to create content related to DIY health, finance, or even health and finance, the chances of your brand appearing in the answer box has been increased.

4. Make your mark up your game RankBrain and optimization of user signals

8 Seo Strategies Optimizing Google Search Results 2019 – Apart from the content of your site in addition to backlinking Google also uses a different ranking factor: Rank Brain. The machine learning algorithm analyses search results as one cohesive thoughtinstead of simply relying on the keywords you typed, and then providing pages with the identical keywords.

RankBrain is attempting to discern the user’s search intention and the context of their search, and alters the results based on the aggregated search patterns of previous users or other user-generated signals like click-through percentage (how how many times person has clicked your website) as well as bounce rate (how how long a user has stayed on your website) to enhance the outcomes it’s listed.

For instance, they enter “pulled back muscles” and are most likely to interact on the third page, which provides a comprehensive self-care program. RankBrain will find out it is when this type of query gets typed it is the intent of the user to seek out solutions. Thus, it increases the ranking of the third page and lowers the page that are deemed to be irrelevant by the user. – 8 Seo Strategies Optimizing Google Search Results 2019

The creation of well-written content that considers intent to search and optimizes for keywords with a medium tail (usually two to three words) is crucial to getting RankBrain to work for you. – 8 Seo Strategies Optimizing Google Search Results 2019

5. Make sure you invest in marketing via video

If you’re not using videos to promote your company and you’re missing out on increasing your revenue by as much as 49 percent more quickly than competitors who are using. The high-quality visuals of video marketing permits it to be an effective strategy , no matter what your objective is, whether it’s the awareness of your customers or conversion. – 8 Seo Strategies Optimizing Google Search Results 2019

Additionally, Google loves videos (and they have their own YouTube too!). The inclusion of videos on your website can increase the time users spend on your site. This means that the probability of your site being a Page 1 of SERP can increase by as much as 53x. – 8 Seo Strategies Optimizing Google Search Results 2019

In addition to ensuring that your website is appropriate to the video, and the video is SEO optimized Additionally, you can optimize your video to boost your rank on SERPs by having powerful descriptive thumbnails (as illustrated in the example below) by using long-tail and medium-length keywords in the description and title sections and even making the effort to transcribing the audio so that Google can quickly index the content. – 8 Seo Strategies Optimizing Google Search Results 2019

6. Keep up-to-date with the latest methods of delivering information Keyword clustering

With the development of search engines is the need to alter the way we provide information. There is no longer a time where you could simply integrate (and repeatedly) top-ranking keywords on your website, and hope to see them automatically appear as in the most relevant results.

As Google improves its algorithms and analyses the overall content of pages based on the database it has of ” words frequently occurring in a group,” keyword clustering is the latest preferred method for SEO. – 8 Seo Strategies Optimizing Google Search Results 2019

8 Seo Strategies Optimizing Google Search Results 2019 – Keyword or topic clustering is the process of clustering content into themes and then creating a pillar page for the subject chosen (“workout exercises”) as illustrated in the following example. Pillar pages are typically lengthy articles that could be described as evergreen content – those that are “fresh” and relevant for a long period of time.

They usually take the form of listsicles and guides, as well as tips or content on how-to. The main issue are numerous backlinked pages that elaborate on the subject.

How do you determine which keywords to combine? Apart from making use of third-party tools like LSI graph to figure out the lengthy semantic indexing (LSI) keywords are, you can tap the goldmine Google already has in the “searches connected to” box that is located at the lower right of the page, or by examining the related terms you search for when conducting the Google Image search like the one the image below.

7. Link up like a pro

Links play an essential aspect in the SERP rankings since your site’s credibility is built by the quality and number of inbound links for your webpages. After you have your website’s technical specifications (such such as speed of loading, mobile-friendly and internal linking) done, there’s no better method of going to get back links than to ask for them in the below email exchange.

Additionally, you should build relationships and take part in forums for discussion that relate to your site’s content. Also, start a blog section that is regularly updated and write guest posts on relevant websites can be embedded with external links on. Remember that building links isn’t an all-in-one method. Your links can only be dependent on the quality and relevancy of your web pages, and consequently must be constantly updated.

8. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is your best friend

Many predict that AI could render a lot of humans employed, this isn’t true, particularly for companies that operate online. AI in eCommerce is the ability to customize customer experiences and provide real-time customer service which can eventually bring about conversion.

SEO is a term used to describe the process of analyzing search results. AI is credited with the continuous development in algorithms (such such as the Google’s Rank Brain technology) which help improve outcomes. The real strength of AI is in its capacity to handle Big Data, large amounts of information , and analytics–making it a valuable partner that can assist in creating a powerful marketing strategy.


It may be your company’s goal to become a household like Google however, at present you’re aiming to be first on search results.

With 2019’s trends in e-commerce with an eye on 2019, add any (or an amalgamation) of these techniques into your SEO strategy. Before you realize it, your website will be filled with visitors. Have fun optimizing!


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