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BBC EastEnders fans want a long lost character to return and they want a very famous face to play her

Even one admirer desires a Hollywood actress to portray Ian Beale’s future bride

Forgotten mother of Lola Pearce is being sought after by certain fans (Image: BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

Fans of EastEnders want a long-lost character to come back to Walford. A very well-known face has been proposed by BBC fans to portray the specific character in the soap opera.

Fans of the show discussed potential cast members on the EastEnders forum on Digital Spy. Which actors do you hope to see join EastEnders in the future? the fan forum posed this question.

As some respondents’ ideal appearances for EastEnders, many famous faces were offered. One, however, caught attention when they proposed that “Lola’s long-lost mother” appear on the soap opera.

Sheridan Smith should appear on EastEnders, according to a fan. (Photo via Getty Images)

Additionally, they came up with a very well-known actress, Sheridan Smith, to play Lola’s mother in addition to wanting her to make an appearance. A user retorted, “No point bringing Lola’s mother in now,” though.

Dan Pearce was Lola Pearce’s father, and she was abandoned by her mother, “Mrs Pearce,” when she was a little child. She is therefore Billy Mitchell’s grandchild. Recently, it was announced that Lola will die later this year in a heartbreaking plot that has her passing away from a brain tumour.

While others think it would be futile for her mother to attend, one forum user stated: “She can always show up for the burial.” Then someone else said, “Please have Rebecca Root play Lola’s mother at the burial.”

Keeley Hawes was another prominent recommendation for a new actress. Someone remarked that she ought to portray Suzy Branning. Keeley would be a wonderful catch for EE, one person opined.

Another person added, “I adore Keeley Hawes!” However, someone else remarked, “She is far too in demand to do a Soap.” A user who wrote these words while emoji-ing a sad expression said: “Sadly, I concur. She is such a talented actor.”

Others offered a long list of notable names for the show, including Olivia Colman for the role of Michelle Fowler, the third. Another person named a soap opera star: “As a brand-new mechanic or bartender, Kelvin Fletcher. He may settle in with a new household.”

As one user put it, “Greg Wood as a criminal that’s not connected to the Mitchell’s would give Jack something to do too! It turns out that Jack set him up and is out for revenge!”

Another person said: “I’ve always thought Hollyoaks’ Anna Passey, who plays Sienna, would have been fantastic in EastEnders.” Other ideas included Camille Coduri, “Gillian Anderson as Lynne Slater 2.0,” and “Jacqueline Boatswain as Daphne Fox.”

“Ian Beale will return married in the near future and I believe Angelina Jolie would be excellent as the next Mrs. Beale,” one fan even proposed in a very A-list casting.


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