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BBC Eastenders teases return of Grant Mitchell after major twist

Ross Kemp might go back to Walford.

In 2016, Grant was last spotted on the Square.

Following a significant turn in a current plot, BBC Eastenders has hinted at the shocking return of legendary character Grant Mitchell. Grant’s brother Phil is currently incarcerated, but his ex-Sharon continues to run his firm alongside Kat and Sam, Grant’s sister.

All of this began when Phil warned Sharon during a prison visit that he was about to be killed after receiving a warning from a vicious inmate named Craig. Sharon pleaded with Phil to fight and reaffirmed her love for him, but Phil appeared to accept his fate.

Sharon wept and feared the worse when she returned to Walford. She called Grant in desperation and begged him to return her call as soon as he could in a voicemail message that she left.

When Grant’s mother Peggy, played by the late Dame Barbara Windsor, revealed that she had a fatal brain tumour in 2016, that was the final time he was seen in Albert Square. Courtney, Grant’s daughter, quickly arrived to meet the rest of her family after Grant, who had travelled from Portugal to be with his mother, arrived.

Grant’s hidden son with Michelle Fowler, Mark Fowler Jr., was also encountered by Courtney and Grant. Grant had to step in when Courtney and Mark grew close and almost kissed because they were unaware that they were related.

Sharon convinced Mark that the father who raised him was the only father he needed after he learned that Grant was his biological father. Grant and Courtney eventually decided against getting to know Mark and went back to Portugal.

Nothing that suggests Ross Kemp might return to Eastenders has been confirmed thus far. In the past, he acknowledged that he wouldn’t rule out making another comeback.

With Peggy’s wine bar opening and Kim Medcalf reprising her role as Sam Mitchell, it appears that now would be the ideal time for Grant to make a comeback. Ben, Grant’s nephew, could also use some extra help after Lewis, the nasty bartender, sexually assaulted him.


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