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Character from Emmerdale will face a jail danger in a major October plot.

In a significant plot twist this October, Emmerdale executives have hinted that a mystery character will face the prospect of life in prison.

When talking about the ITV soap’s forthcoming 50th anniversary, executive producer Jane Hudson revealed the storyline twist.

The production crew for the program is organizing a month-long party to celebrate the occasion. Aaron Dingle, Tracy Metcalfe, and Diane Sugden’s brief comebacks, Faith Dingle’s emotional plotline, and a stunning storm catastrophe have all been hinted at.

At a press conference for the show’s 50th anniversary, Hudson said in response to questions from Digital Spy and other media: “When we get to the end of October, it might be the end of our celebrations, but we will be ending that month with a storyline that kicks off another big story, which potentially could lead to a new season one of our characters is sentenced to live in prison for the remainder of their lives.

“I won’t say anything else to you. We are taking steps to ensure that, for one of our families in particular, when our celebration month comes to a close, it truly marks the start of a brand-new chapter.”

No other information has been provided regarding the unfortunate individual in question, including whether they are responsible for the offense they will be charged with.

The marriage of Kim Tate and Will Taylor will be the focus of one of the major 50th anniversary storylines.

It’s uncertain whether the bride and groom will experience a joyful ending given that a storm is expected to batter the area.

Recently, Hudson said: “It’s all during the day and primarily a wind storm rather than a rain storm. We have some incredible wind machines that are currently being tested and they are awesome. Working with them will be a nightmare for the sound staff!

“I believe that all of the tales being told this month are ones that we have been developing all year. Nothing has been merely forced in. Characters play a major role in all of the stories and have an effect.

“So many of our family are involved. The entire hamlet is affected by the storm, not just a small portion of it. Therefore, I believe it will feel different, and one particular aspect will feel drastically different.

“I assure you that no one has done it before, and Emmerdale is the only soap that could because of the circumstances. Here’s a tip for you all:”


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