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Classic EastEnders villain Craig Fairbrass transformed by dyed hair

Dan was a well-known figure in the early 2000s (Picture: BBC)

Those who have watched EastEnders for a while will undoubtedly recall Dan Sullivan (Craig Fairbrass), whose bitter rivalry with Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) resulted in the Who shot Phil? plotline in 2001.

Before it was revealed that he had an earlier affair with Carol Jackson’s daughter Bianca (Patsy Palmer), which he then rekindled, Dan came to the Square as Carol Jackson’s boyfriend (Lindsay Coulson).

After Dan reported Phil to the police regarding a scam involving the car lot and Phil defrauded Dan of his share of the Queen Vic, the friendship between Phil and Dan quickly soured. Dan was one of the leading suspects when Phil was shot before it was revealed that his girlfriend Lisa Shaw had actually shot Phil (Lucy Benjamin).

Craig played Dan in 137 episodes in total. At the time of the character’s last appearance, Craig was residing in Spain, so Dan could theoretically make a comeback at any moment.

Then, he was a memorable character, known for his tall, dark, and rugged appearance. So if he dyed his hair blonde, would you still be able to identify him?

He is very different now! (Image via Craig Fairbrass’ Instagram)

By watching the upcoming Netflix series One Piece, in which he portrays Chef Zeff complete with a bleached barnet, you can test your ability to recognise him.

The Straw Hat Pirates and their leader, Monkey D. Luffy, cruise the seas in pursuit of the ‘One Piece,’ a legendary artefact that will enable Luffy to ascend to the position of King of the Pirates, in the live-action adaptation of the Japanese anime series One Piece. On July 22, it makes its Netflix debut.


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