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Coronation Street theory: Sam Blakeman falls victim to online bullies

Sam Blakeman, a young boy from CORONATION STREET, has finally begun to return to normal after grieving the loss of his mother Natasha Blakeman. According to a fresh theory from Express.co.uk, Sam might encounter some online bullying and become more reclusive as a result.

After Natasha’s passing, Sam (played by Jude Riordan) on Coronation Street has finally started to come out of his shell and interact more with people his own age (Rachel Leskovac). Sam was rendered speechless by her passing and his grief, but with the aid of Hope Stape (Isabella Flanagan), he started to come out of his shell. Sam starts to bond with boys his age in later scenes, but he might be putting himself at risk of online bullies by trying to fit in.

Official spoilers reveal that after learning how to play with Roy Cropper, Sam gives a chess presentation to his class (David Neilson).

One of the students, Owen, expresses his appreciation to Sam as the class comes to a close. Sam offers to teach Owen again later.

Sam arrives at the cafĂ© but soon realizes he won’t be joining him because he was unaware of Owen’s sarcasm.

After telling Hope what happened, she advises Sam to pretend to be interested in video games and invite Jack Webster (Kyran Bowes) and Liam Connor (Charlie Wrenshall) over for a late-afternoon get-together.

Sam says that he thinks the computer game is pointless because it doesn’t require any skill or strategy after starting to play a football simulation.

Sam tries his best to strike up a conversation with Liam and Jack while they continue to play the game while staring at him in shock.

Sam quickly changes the subject when the boys start to question him about the letters he has been writing and posting.

Later, Sam shows up at Jalena’s (Kyrah Wallace) party wearing a football top and trainers in an effort to impress his school friends.

She admits that she doesn’t like football and that she was going to suggest that they get together for a game of chess instead.

Jalena invited John to a game of chess instead because she assumed that John was interested in football, which devastated Sam.

Sam might start to withdraw and resume being mute after experiencing Jalena’s rejection.

Sam has experienced many milestones since beginning high school and has been attempting to make new friends.

Sam might be victimized by online bullies he goes to school with if he withdraws and resumes his status as a mute.

After being rejected by Owen, his passion for chess could, however, land him in some trouble with bullies.
Given that Sam didn’t catch the social cue, Owen seems to enjoy the impact his sarcasm had on him.

Could Owen start torturing Sam while hiding behind his keyboard?

Since viewers haven’t seen much of Sam in the past few months, he might be the subject of a dramatic plot.

In addition, Sam has been secretly writing letters to an unidentified recipient and mailing them to his father Nick Tilsley (Ben Price).

Will the cyberbullies be able to control the letters and reveal to whom he has been speaking?


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