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EastEnders airs shock arrest as Billy and Keeble story continues

While Billy and Keeble’s tale is still being played out in Walford, a shocking arrest has been shown on EastEnders.

This week’s flashback scenes made it clear that DCI Keeble has a long-standing grudge against the Mitchells because Eric Mitchell murdered her father in 1979.

Billy Mitchell, who had purchased the gun used in the shooting, is the person Keeble holds responsible for her father’s passing. This explains why Phil must deliver to Keeble the information that would put Billy in jail.

In the episode airing on September 7th, Phil attempted to convince Billy to leave Walford by allegedly arranging a real estate transaction in Portugal that he wanted his relative to handle.

Phil informed Billy about Keeble’s desire to exact revenge on her father because Billy was hesitant to leave because he had just reconnected with Freddie Slater.

Billy told Honey Mitchell what was going on because he had no choice but to leave. Freddie interrupted him as he was attempting to flee from Phil and Kat’s hen/stag party at the Vic.

Freddie scolded Billy angrily, saying, “I’ve been waiting my whole life [to meet you], but you just ignored me.”

Before Billy could respond, Keeble and a few police officers arrived to formally detain him for the 1979 murder of Malcolm Keeble, her father.

Police hauled Billy away, but Keeble lingered long enough to smile vengefully at Phil. Freddie was shocked to see the man who he thought was his father being arrested in front of him.

Although Freddie’s mother Little Mo Slater had him after being sexually assaulted by the evil Graham Foster in 2003, viewers are aware that Billy did play a role in raising Freddie as a boy.


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