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EastEnders airs twice as Sam Mitchell makes shocking new move

What does this imply?

Tonight (August 4) there will be two episodes of EastEnders because Sam Mitchell has to deal with the fallout from her nefarious deeds.

There will be two episodes of the BBC soap opera on BBC Two at 7 p.m. and 7.30 p.m. that will change everything for the Mitchell family.

In Tuesday’s cliffhanger, Sharon revealed to Phil that Sam had been complicit in Ben’s worrisome drug use.

Ben almost died after taking more drugs at a party with newcomer James, and then Sharon dropped her bomb.

Sam feels anxious as an enraged In tonight’s first episode, Phil ignores her calls, and she orders a guilty Zack to keep the narcotics a secret. Sam also cautions Jonah that the dealing must stop, but he demands payment in exchange.

Sam finds herself in trouble as Phil gets home when he admits he knows about the drugs and kicks her out, saying she’s no longer a member of the family.

In the second episode, Sam, who is devastated, begs Phil to pardon her, but he declines.

Sam, however, thinks she has a way to regain Phil’s trust after finding out that Lewis sexually assaulted Ben.

Along the way, Sam is enraged to discover Zack is to blame. Phil tries to terminate him despite knowing about the pills, but Kat has other plans.

Zack apologises to Sam out of guilt but is shocked when she tells him to bring Lewis to her.

Sam threatens to reveal to Phil that Zack also knew about the drugs if Zack doesn’t agree, but Zack resists, turning the tables on him. What will Zack do now that he’s in a tight spot? Exactly what is Sam planning?


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