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EastEnders’ Ash star hit with body shaming swipe after stunning bikini pics

After posting a picture of herself while on vacation in a bikini, EastEnders actress Gurlaine Kaur Garcha, who is well-known for playing Ash Panesar on the BBC serial, received terrible criticism.

While on vacation, Gurlaine Kaur Garcha of EastEnders has been tweeting a tonne of beautiful bikini pictures recently.

The 28-year-old routinely posted pictures of herself in bikinis and two-pieces while enjoying the weather during a luxury trip to Dubai, but one follower ruined the fun.

She compared her figure to her sisters’ expanding baby belly and posed in a little orange and pink bikini while sticking out her tum.

But one troll gave her a harsh blow in their reply, writing: “Sort up your stretch marks and t***. You don’t even had a child, and yet, look at your body.”

Gurlaine admitted that she was annoyed to see the message even though she didn’t take the comments personally as she posted the swipe on her Instagram.

She penned: “I jokedly compared myself to my pregnant sister in a video I posted to my tales yesterday in which I messaged about my food bloat (see slide 2). As a result, I received a direct message (see slide 3) body-shaming me from someone I don’t know.

“Fortunately, I feel comfortable in my own skin. Like everyone else, I do have some body-related concerns, but nothing too severe.”

Gurlaine understood that while some people really suffer with body image and body confidence, things may be different for others.

Added her: “Each day, they struggle to feel at ease in their own skin, and regrettably, the struggle doesn’t end there.

These difficulties “may result in poor diet and health, melancholy, self-doubt, self-harm, and mental health problems.”

Gurlaine cautioned that the recipient of the communication might already be experiencing difficulties and noted that they might not be able to “shrug it off.”

Because she believes in “love not retaliation,” the actress decided not to mention the person’s name while pleading with them to change their ways.

In closing the message, Gurlaine urged her supporters to “be kind” and pleaded with them to “raise each other up, not tear each other down.”


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