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EastEnders fans spot crude detail on Kat’s phone

Fans of EastEnders have noticed that Kat Slater has Alfie Moon’s contact information saved in her phone under a crude name.

After learning about Phil Mitchell’s temper from the twins, Alfie returned to Walford in Tuesday’s episode (September 13) on Kat and Phil’s wedding day.

Bert and Ernie, the twins of the ex-couple, texted their father last week from Kat’s phone after Phil yelled at them and threatened to give them a “hiding.”

After learning what her boys had done, Kat admitted to Stacey that she had saved Alfie’s phone number under the name “A-Hole” and that she only had it saved for “emergencies.”

Alfie appeared at Kat’s door and begged her to forget about marrying Phil and be with him instead as a result of the twins’ misadventures. Alfie went back to his canal boat only to discover the twins had stowed away in his van after she made it clear that Phil was now the love of her life.

The twins’ news forced Kat to go after them just as she was getting ready for the wedding, and viewers could verify that she had saved Alfie’s phone number under “A-Hole” when he called with the necessary information.

Time to make amends, Alfie?

Shane Ritchie discussed his decision to reprise his well-known role as Alfie Moon after spending nearly four years away from the soap opera with Digital Spy and other members of the media.

It’s strange, but in a good way. Now, things are very different. He explained that the last time, he had come in to act out a scene in which Alfie was pushed down the stairs, and then he had gone off to do something else.

“I believe Chris Clenshaw is to blame for the current changes because he grew up watching this show. He is innately aware of how people function. I’ve returned, and I sense that I’m a part of something right now that is so powerful.


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