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EastEnders is lining up sad new story for Amy Mitchell

Thankfully, she is protected by the Foxes.

Spoilers for EastEnders follow.

In the upcoming weeks, Amy Mitchell, a young adolescent, will have a heartbreaking plotline on EastEnders as she suffers a confidence hit.

In scenes that will air the following week, Jack Branning expresses his disapproval of a look that Amy chose for herself. Since viewers now know that Denzel is the son of Kim’s boyfriend Howie Danes, Kim Fox plays it off and abandons Amy with him.

Davinder Gulati, also known as Nugget, introduces himself and joins Amy and Denzel as they get to know one another. Denzel and Nugget quickly team up to start winding up Amy as the three of them hang around.

Amy leaves after being irritated, but she soon runs into Chelsea Fox. Following Amy’s tearful explanation of what transpired and the boys’ comments to her to Chelsea, Chelsea resolves to confront Denzel and Nugget.

A self-conscious Amy is thinking about Denzel and Nugget’s jokes at the Minute Mart while Chelsea corrects them.

Later, Chelsea and Amy’s mother Denise do their best to help Amy cope with the pressures of growing up and entering adolescence.

A angry Chelsea yells at Denzel and Nugget after their conversation, upset that he didn’t continue to apologise to Amy.

Do the boys finally see their mistake, or will they have additional difficulties in the future?


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