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Emmerdale spoiler: Liv Flaherty and Vinny Dingle plan to start a family after attack

Liv Flaherty and Vinny Dingle, a couple from Emmerdale, are scheduled to have a serious conversation about their future together, but will they both be on the same page?

Isobel Steel’s character Liv Flaherty on Emmerdale has recently had a difficult time with life. She recently learned that her scheming mother Sandra Flaherty (Joanne Mitchell) was after her money, and as a result, she was attacked and ended up in the hospital. As Liv continues to recover, her husband Vinny Dingle (Bradley Johnson) has been by her bedside. In upcoming scenes, the couple will talk about having children.

Last week on the serial drama, Terry, her mother’s sidekick, attacked Liv in gruesome scenes.

Danny Miller, who played her half-brother Aaron Dingle, returned to Emmerdale just in time to help defend Liv from the vicious attack.
Following the horrifying attack, Liv has been making a good recovery and attempting to move on.

According to ITV soap opera spoilers, Liv and her husband will soon discuss the idea of starting a family.

However, Liv is happy that Vinny has decided to put getting a dog first for the time being before considering having children.

Does one of them secretly want to have children sooner than the other, or do they both feel the same way about getting a pet first?

If they are not honest with one another about their feelings, could tension develop between the two?

This month, the soap is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and producer Jane Hudson has hinted that a terrible storm will affect the entire village.

She stated to publications like yzee.uk and others: “Although there are fatalities and destruction, there are also genuine moments of intimacy, heartache, and love.

“Our characters will be put to the test in terms of both their emotional and physical fortitude.

I must forewarn you that there will be many tears, and we will witness how our community handles the fallout from this terrible storm.

Will the deadly windstorm later this month kill Liv or Vinny?

According to growing rumors, Isobel, the actress who plays Liv, is leaving the soap opera after six seasons.

The Sun has reported that Isobel’s character will pass away tragically.

Isobel had to make a big decision, but the source told the publication that she was willing to try new things.

She believes she has accomplished everything she can at Emmerdale and is eager to concentrate on and succeed in her music career.

For the 50th anniversary month, the bosses “have pulled out all the stops, and Isobel’s exit will be no different.”

Isobel allegedly prefers to concentrate on her music career over her acting career.


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