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Widower of Britain’s Got Talent star Tina Humphrey advises Emmerdale on Faith’s assisted dying storya

Emmerdale’s portrayal of Faith Dingle’s (Sally Dexter) final days, in which she is adamant about maintaining as much control over her life as she can until the very end, has viewers feeling extraordinarily moved.

After learning that her cancer was terminal, Faith set out to make the most of her remaining days. She frequently enlisted the help of an old friend, Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell), in her schemes, which included stealing a golf buggy and driving a fast car through the Dales.

This week, viewers will get to see the depressing scenes unfold as she confides in Moira (Natalie J. Robb) that she plans to kill herself before she loses the ability to control what happens because her health has gotten so bad.

Sally Dexter stated that Emmerdale wanted to give this story the best possible treatment. She has said, “We agreed that all sides of this debate needed to be heard and respected.”

The program sought advice from the organization Dignity in Dying and a man named Steve Jetley, whose wife Tina Humphrey also chose suicide after developing metastatic melanoma and falling seriously ill.

He stated to The Sun: “She said she didn’t want drugs or being unconscious to cloud her last moments. She desired to remain alert.

She wished she could hold my hand, tell me she loved me, and for us to simply hold each other and share our feelings.

“I wanted Tina to get what she wanted because she was a very smart, determined woman who knew what she wanted.”

Tina made plans to end her life at home after she became too ill to travel Dignitas in Switzerland.

Steve, however, clarified that it took her 15 hours to pass away.

He said, “I don’t know if Tina suffered, but it wasn’t the death she wanted.”

For 15 hours, I could only listen as her breathing became ragged and she eventually started gasping while she was unconscious. It was awful. Those were long hours that I will never forget.

In the UK, helping someone commit suicide is against the law and carries a 14-year prison term.

Steve now collaborates with Dignity In Dying in their effort to change the law as a result of Tina’s experience.

The Emmerdale cast, including Sally Dexter, was “all extremely moved” by Steve’s account.

The actress said, “We were all in awe of the work done by all organizations and charities used for this storyline.”

“I only hope we have done the best possible justice,”

In 2012, Tina and Chandi, a blue merle collie, finished fourth on Britain’s Got Talent.

At the time, Tina remarked, “Chandi knows I wouldn’t take her anywhere where anything bad could happen, so she isn’t distracted by the lights or the audience when she’s on stage.” She keeps an eye on me and is entirely present. Both Chandi and I have complete faith in one another.

Four Crufts finals were won by Chandi, and she and Tina also took home the top honor in Graham Norton’s When Will I Be Famous.

She also penned a book titled “Chandi: The Rescue Dog Who Stole A Nation’s Heart” about her cherished pet.


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