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Coronation Street grooming horror as Lauren Bolton puts herself in danger with mystery man

Lauren Bolton of Coronation Street has struggled to stay on the straight and narrow and has had trouble adjusting to Weatherfield.

After disclosing that she has a secret “rich” boyfriend, Cait Fitton’s character Lauren Bolton on Coronation Street may be about to relapse into risky behavior.

Several of the locals find it difficult to trust her because of her turbulent history with far-right activist Griff Reynolds (Michael Condron).

Roy Cropper (David Neilson), who chose to give her a chance at Roys Rolls, was her lone hope, but she quickly embarrassed herself by getting arrested while working.

After learning of their affair, she also started blackmailing Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) and Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) via a mystery participant.

Getting worse The following week, Shona Platt (Julia Goulding), who is tired of Lauren’s incessant use of her phone, finds her at the precinct instead of her call center job.

In later scenes, Lauren will give Max Turner (Paddy Beaver) a brand-new watch as a token of appreciation for everything he has done for her.

She appears to have received a promotion at the call center, which calms Max’s concerns that she may have spent too much on him despite his being overwhelmed by her generosity.

Later, Lauren is cornered by Sabrina Adetiba (Luana Santos), who informs her that she should stop playing games and that she was out of order when she bought Max a watch.

Max gives Lauren the watch back, feeling bad about hurting Sabrina and saying he can’t accept such a generous gift.

Julie Golding’s character Shona Platt overhears their chat and grows a little suspicious about the source of the money.

Subsequently, in the café, Shona is informed by Bernie Winter (Jane Hazlegrove) about the £80 missing from the till.

When Shona realizes what’s going on, she confronts Lauren, accusing her of stealing the money to purchase the watch, and suspends her, which horrifies Lauren.

Lauren tells Shona she has a rich boyfriend and doesn’t need the job, feeling embarrassed and putting on a front.

Later, with cake and cider in hand, Max and Sabrina visit Lauren’s apartment. Will Lauren tell them about her job loss at the cafe?

Is Lauren being manipulated by an unidentified third party, or does she actually have a wealthy boyfriend?


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