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EastEnders: Keeble star Alison Newman on gobsmacking June Brown scene

Alison Newman, who plays EastEnders detective DCI Keeble, has said that the cast always welcomes her back “as a member of the family who has been on vacation” regardless of the time that has passed between appearances.

She is currently involved in an ongoing saga with Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden).

Keeble, who was only 10 years old when her father was killed in a botched robbery in 1979, is pressuring Phil to make sure Billy (Perry Fenwick) is punished for the crime in order to exact revenge.

When Metro.co.uk caught up with Alison, she expressed her “flattery” for her character’s lack of a backstory and said, “The story has just evolved and developed, and it’s brilliant.” It’s really flattering to have a backstory and a supporting role in a show like EastEnders; everyone has been wonderful about it.

Without hesitation, Alison assured us that she would continue to work on EastEnders if requested and if she had the time.

She gets to work with a great team, which contributes in part to that.

The actress and director exclaimed, “As someone who has been popping in and out for 16 years, it’s an amazing place to come back to, it has a lot of heritage and history.”

“It’s so nice that when I return, I’m treated like an elderly relative who has been on vacation,” the woman said.

There is a lot of excitement in the air right now because, in my opinion, everyone is aware that the show is in good hands.

Throughout the 16 years she has intermittently appeared in the program, this feeling has remained constant.

Alison, the star of Bad Girls and Footballer’s Wives, has many happy memories. However, she specifically remembered one in which she co-starred with one of the most illustrious TV actors in history.

She told us, “I have so many memories from the years, like the first time I worked with June Brown.”

“It was astounding.” Keeble was being incredibly cruel to her during a scene rehearsal regarding Bradley. Yes, she’s really good, I thought.

“Ah, that was you just rehearsing, oh my God you are REALLY good,” I realized after the cameraman shouted action and the actress’ response nearly knocked me out of my chair.

She was incredibly generous and kind. That’s been my experience working on EastEnders; everyone is friendly and it’s a great place to work.

As EastEnders begins its explosive action, Alison, the co-creator of the critically acclaimed series Harlots, is very much in the center of the action.

She also assured us that there would be no quick end to it.

It’s challenging to avoid giving any spoilers! There are still many twists and turns in this fantastic story. It’s going to be a really fun ride.


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