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EastEnders resident Frankie Lewis attacked in horrifying stalking ordeal

In upcoming episodes of EASTENDERS, fan favorite Frankie Lewis will experience a terrifying ordeal during which she will be attacked by a stalker.

Next week, as she begins her first day as a teaching assistant, Frankie (played by Rose Alying-Ellis) feels relieved that things are going well at work. The EastEnders resident, however, doesn’t have a good day, and later, while attempting to enjoy a night out with friends, she comes across a stranger who begins harassing her on the dance floor. When the man starts following Frankie home, she is put in danger.

official BBC soap opera spoilers are revealed As Frankie begins her first day as a teaching assistant, she is eager.

She notices Amy Mitchell (Ellie Dadd), Denzel Danes (Jaden Ladega), and Davinder “Nugget” Gulati (Juhaim Rasul Choudhury) imitating her while she is signing to a student in an English class at work.

Frankie reprimands the trio of teenagers, but regrettably they don’t behave themselves any better after that.

When the trio inappropriately photograph Frankie and use those images to make a social media video, things take a bigger turn.

When discussing the video with his colleague Mr. Morden, a furious and upset Frankie is not happy with his response.

Later, friend Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) invites Frankie out with Felix Baker (Matthew James Morrison), Dotty Cotton (Milly Zero), Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty), Finlay Baker (Ashley Byam), and Vinny Panesar in an effort to distract Frankie from her troubles (Shiv Jalota).

The growing attraction between Whitney and Finlay causes Vinny to become suspicious of his friendship with Dotty.

As she enjoys having a good time with her friends, Frankie’s mood improves, but it doesn’t last.

After harassing her while she’s on the dance floor repeatedly, an unwanted stranger tries to kiss her.

Frankie’s night having been ruined, she departs early, wanting to return home and forget the day.

She declines Lola’s offer to drive her home and flees the tube in a panic.

When she realizes that someone is following her home, she starts to feel terrified.

The Walford resident is accosted by the man from the club and is trapped.

She tries to get away from him but is terrified of what might happen.

Fortunately, a bystander steps in and saves her, allowing her to get away and go home.

When Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) gives Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) the chance to bid Annie good night, she is overjoyed.

However, she feels left out when he ascends to assist Shirley Carter (Linda Henry).

Mick is relieved to learn that she managed to escape physically unharmed as Shirley consoles a distraught Frankie, but Frankie doesn’t see it that way.

Frankie is probably shaken by the incident and is likely to be upset about it and what might have happened.

The ordeal may be what motivates Frankie to leave Walford because work isn’t going as well as she’d hoped and she feels dissatisfied with everything.

Frankie’s departure from the soap has already been confirmed; perhaps the impending scare will convince her to leave.

Since 2020, Frankie has been a part of the soap opera, and most recently, it was revealed that Rose would be leaving.

Although the specifics of her exit as her character are unknown, it’s possible that Frankie is still struggling to get over the attack and is plagued by visions of what happened to her.

Will the attack prompt the popular soap character to make a significant decision?

Frankie might inform her dad Mick that she has decided to leave Walford because she thinks it would be best to start fresh and find employment elsewhere.

Mick will undoubtedly be devastated, but since his persona is also slated to end, is it possible that they will depart together?
Many of the Carters appear to be leaving the soap opera this year, and Frankie might be the next to leave after her sister Nancy Carter’s (Maddy Hill) decision to begin a new endeavor life.


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