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EastEnders reveals Howie’s major secret at last

The following article includes spoilers for this week’s episodes of EastEnders, which have not yet been shown on television but are now available to watch as a boxset on BBC iPlayer.

Delroy Atkinson’s character, Howie Danes, has been keeping a dark secret that fans first learned about when he made a private phone call to someone last month and declared his love for them.

Fans immediately began speculating about what he might be hiding from Tameka Empson’s character, Kim Fox, and some were even confident that he was having an affair.

However, in Monday’s (August 1) episode of the BBC One soap, which is currently accessible to stream on iPlayer, that notion is refuted.

Delilah is a different lady in Howie’s life, but he isn’t cheating on Kim. You see, his kid Denzel’s mother is Delilah.

Howie has a son—you read that right!

Denzel shows up to stay with Howie for a few weeks to further complicate matters, leaving Kim stunned as she adjusts to this major news.

Kim finds it difficult to recall the talk that Howie says they had regarding Denzel at one point.

This summer, EastEnders’ normal broadcast schedule was thrown off by sports, therefore it was decided to give viewers the option of watching episodes of the BBC One soap online before they were broadcast.

Up until mid-August, new episodes of the soap opera will be released on iPlayer every Monday.

Later this week, these programmes will still air on BBC One and Two. And this is a week in Walford that should not be missed, whether you’re binge-viewing or watching on television.


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