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Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) is rushed to hospital after falling down the stairs at Salt, and once she arrives all she can think about is the baby.

In the meantime, Dean (Patrick O’Connor) is overprotective in response to the circumstance. Juliet Godwin’s character Bree joins the fray and tries to soothe Ziggy. She asks Dean to back off, but he responds angrily because he is upset.

After the ultrasound, the baby is declared healthy, but as Ziggy gets out of bed, Bree finds some blood. Dean is further upset by this, and once Ziggy has been given the all-clear, she begins to apologise to Dean for not being more cautious. Dean keeps up his overprotective behaviour in the meanwhile.

Bree hears their chat and interprets the situation incorrectly. She begins overanalyzing because she’s still reeling from her experience with Jacob’s domestic abuse. Dean heads home to get her an overnight bag while she instructs Ziggy to stay for observation. Bree quizzes Ziggy about her home life while she is by herself.

When she finds bruising on Ziggy’s leg, her alarm bells start to ring. When the mechanic says she must have done it while working in the garage, she questions how Ziggy could have sustained the injury and becomes suspicious. Bree is persuaded that Ziggy is being abused by her claim that Dean always warns her to use caution.

Bree takes immediate action and reports Dean’s domestic abuse to the police. When Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) arrives to the hospital, he is surprised to learn that Bree is talking about Dean.

But he has to do his job, so Dean is taken into custody. As Dean is being escorted down to the police station, he instantly becomes aggressive, and Ziggy screams out to him in panic.


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