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EastEnders reveals new twist as Linda and Janine crash story is revisited

Later this month, EastEnders will return Linda Carter’s major plotline as she makes a pivotal discovery regarding her accident.

Earlier this summer, after she and Janine Butcher were involved in a spectacular vehicle accident, Linda’s life was in danger.

Linda is now facing significant police charges because it is believed that she was intoxicated when the accident occurred.

Viewers are aware that Janine was actually driving, but Linda was put in the driver’s seat later to make it appear as though Janine had been drinking and driving.

Even though Janine has so far gotten away with lying, there have been a few signs that she may not have been as cunning as she believes.

The BBC has announced that Mick and Linda would uncover “an crucial discovery” regarding the night of her accident in fresh advanced spoilers for late August.

Fans will have to wait to see precisely what the Carters discover, but it’s safe to guess that Janine will be left terrified that her falsehoods may be ready to come undone.

The teasers for the upcoming drama for the week of August 22 are as follows:

Monday, August 22

Stuart comes into trouble in the doctor’s office because he is vulnerable. In advance of Linda’s court date, Mick and Linda get closer. Amy, Lily, Nugget, and Denzel go into trouble.

Tuesday, August 23

The scenario at the doctor’s office gets worse. A significant finding about the night of her accident is made by Mick and Linda. Felix and Finlay’s shenanigans at the market irritate Billy.

Wednesday, August 24

Stuart continues to struggle with his health and relies on his friends and family for help. Martin steps in to help the teenagers in this predicament.

Thursday, August 25

In an effort to maintain her optimistic attitude, Linda mulls over planning a carnival celebration.
Billy confides in Finlay about his dating life while Stuart makes some significant decisions.


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