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EastEnders spoilers: A character dies in huge murder story this week

This week, there is bloodshed in Walford as a resident meets a horrific end.

Of course, we’re speaking to Ranveer Gulati (Anil Goutam), who, as anticipated by fans, dies after a confrontation with Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal).

However, viewers may expect a significant twist.

As fans are aware, Suki was eager to close the deal and win Ranveer’s company. However, she was shocked when he made unwelcome approaches in distressing scenes last week.

The sick businessman made it clear that he would give her control of his company, but only after they had sex. Suki continued to play along, unsure of what she would do next, but she quickly came up with a strategy to the advantage.

She invites Ranveer over for dinner and tells him that in exchange for his business, she will sleep with him—but only after he signs the contract.

Suki is adamant, and despite Ranveer’s best efforts to convince her otherwise, she ultimately gets what she wants when he signs the document.

Suki then admits that she had been recording Ranveer the entire time and that she now has footage of him extorting her for sex.

Ranveer gets furious and then turns violent, striking Suki in the face and then pinning her to the ground in gruesome images.

Suki grabs hold of a nearby clock and swings it at her assailant, striking him in the head and rendering him unconscious. However, Ravi (Aaron Thiara) happens to be nearby and decides to assist Suki in burying the body after concluding that his father had passed away.

Suki is horrified by what has happened, so she exits the building at Ravi’s request to get some fresh air. Ranveer, who isn’t actually dead at this point, scolds his son for trying to help Suki as he regains consciousness.

After a tense confrontation between the father and son, Ranveer is fatally struck by the clock by Ravi.

After disposing of the body and getting his hands on the video, he decides against telling Suki that she hadn’t actually killed Ranveer.

Further complicating matters, Ravi later removes the portion of the camera footage where he kills Ranveer.

This summer, when sport interfered with EastEnders’ regular broadcast schedule, it was decided to provide viewers the option of watching episodes online of the next online.

Up until mid-August, new episodes of the soap opera will be released on iPlayer every Monday.


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