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EastEnders spoilers: Ben arrested, Sharon and Kat are at war

Next week on EastEnders, Ben is warned that he might go to jail, Sam worries that her faults will be revealed, and a war is building on the square.

This is your comprehensive EastEnders spoilers guide for the 11–14 July 2022 episode.

Ben, are you going to jail?

Kathy, who has grown tired of Ben and Peter’s arguments, insisted that they both attend the games night she had planned in honour of Rocky’s birthday. Ben, on the other hand, looks utterly uninterested in participating in the activities, while Peter is more focused on covertly developing a romantic relationship with Dana.

Later on in the evening, things get much worse as Ben and Peter’s conflict gets worse. Ben is then taken into custody by the police after they learn that Peter reported him for the attack.

The drama of the week comes to a close with solicitor Ritchie telling Ben that things are so terrible that he might be demoted. In the meantime, Kathy tries to reason with Peter but he won’t budge, so she tells the police what happened and tries to defend Ben.

Mitch loses it in front of Avery.

At the Taylors’, where Karen is attempting in vain to get Mitch to speak with his brother Avery, it is still rather chilly.

However, after getting some unanticipated advise from a stranger, Mitch chooses to be forgiving of his sibling. When the two disagree, the air of forgivingness quickly disappears, and soon a furious Mitch is ordering Avery to go.

Karen will have reached her breaking point by Wednesday and will put pressure on Mitch to give Avery another chance. She’s making sure the rest of the family is present this time to back up her claim. All of this provides Bernie and Bailey with a thought, which inspires the two of them to face Mitch at the taxi business.

Unexpected incidents set Kat and Sharon at odds.

Sharon is worried about Kat’s well-being after last week’s unexpected turn of events (and, no, we can’t say what happened just yet). However, the two women struggle to maintain their composure when they are face to face and end up getting into a heated quarrel.

Sam, on the other hand, is concerned that her scheme to topple the Mitchell hegemony would be exposed. Of course not! Big betrayals are rarely revealed in the summer; surely, drama of that nature should be left for Christmas?

Kim makes a bold decision.

Howie is getting ready to move into his own home after Kim pushed him to do so. But just as he’s about to go, she changes her mind and deliberately injures his foot once again so that he has stay for longer.

But by Thursday, she’s attempting to make amends with Howie by feeding him. Will, however, his stomach be the greatest route to his heart?

Sam and Zack make out.

Sam sees Zack looking dejected and decides to encourage him. Zack is still feeling sorry for himself after Nancy’s abrupt recent departure.

Naturally, it doesn’t take long for the two to start courting once more. Could their fervour be the subject of another performance soon?


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