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EastEnders spoilers: Bobby Beale kills Peter and Dana Monroe in double death exit tragedy?

Will Dana and Peter face dire consequences as they leave the Square? (Image credit: BBC/Getty)

Time is running out for Dayle Hudson’s character Peter Beale and Barbara Smith’s character Dana Monroe in EastEnders as both are expected to leave in the next few scenes.

The two characters were two of five that were eliminated from the BBC One soap opera last month as part of a significant behind-the-scenes reorganisation.

Although Peter and Dana are now involved in a variety of ongoing stories, people have already begun to speculate about what will ultimately lead to their exits because their final scenes will undoubtedly take place in the following months.

As fans are aware, the two have become quite close recently, with Dana showing Peter support after his attack.

Peter has also been there for Dana when her relationship with Bobby came to an end (Clay Milner Russell).

In upcoming scenes, Peter and Dana will fight to contain their growing chemistry as they pull each other’s clothes off and engage in wild sex at Walford East.

In subsequent scenes, Peter and Dana become heated (Image: BBC / Jack Barnes / Kieron McCarron)

But when someone witnesses them in the act, things are about to take a startling turn. Though the identity of this mysterious Walfordian is unknown, it is likely that their shared enthusiasm will be a key factor in their leaving.

Will they possibly depart together? Or will a more dreadful event occur?

Bobby will undoubtedly experience heartbreak because he loves Dana so greatly. In recent moments, he even confided in Peter about his desire to try again with Dana and his efforts to win her back.

The ultimate betrayal would be to learn that Peter had slept with Dana while aware of this information.

When Bobby learns about Peter and Dana’s romance, he will be upset (Picture: BBC)

Could Bobby possibly take out his frustration on Peter or Dana? the two?

Although the young guy has gone a long way since the murder of Lucy’s sister (Hetti Bywater) all those years ago, will his wrath get the best of him once more when the truth is revealed?

Time will only tell!


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